The Timeless Appeal of Cool & Casual Khaki

A kitchen with khaki cabinets.

There is a timeless appeal to cool, casual khaki.  It is clean and sophisticated. It lends itself to understated neutral elegance. Conversely, you can pop colors against it in a vibrant display.  However you use it, khaki is diverse in its uses.  Therefore, this shade has remained popular for the last ten years.

Khaki is beautiful in every area of the home! Khaki is a warm light brown tinged with a soft touch of green. This color adds warmth anywhere you use it. Indeed, rooms become instantly inviting. Today we will explore how to use khaki in different rooms.

The Kitchen:

Khaki is fantastic in the kitchen. It resists stains better than white. Yet, it still feels clean and contemporary.  Walls painted in khaki are an elegant backdrop. White cabinets pop against the warm khaki walls.  Indeed, this lends a classic and charming feel.

Love your current wall color but still want to add khaki?  Paint your old kitchen cabinetry khaki.  They will look new and fresh. Moreover, khaki resists smudges from little fingers.  It is the perfect casual kitchen.

After you paint your kitchen, add bright pops of color.  For example, vibrant reds and cobalt blues pair particularly well with this neutral shade.

A white kitchen with black counter tops and khaki stools.
Khaki walls display white cabinets to perfection
A kitchen with khaki cabinets and a center island.
Khaki Cabinets beautify a contemporary kitchen

The Foyer:

Your foyer welcomes your guests. In fact, it should put them immediately at ease. This warm neutral envelops your visitors.  It draws them in and invites them to stay a while. Indeed, this stately foyer makes an elegant first impression.

Conversely, you can take it up a notch.  First, paint only part of your foyer khaki.  Consider painting an accent wall or wainscoting this beautiful neutral and the rest of the wall a creamy white.  Add interesting art pieces in vibrant colors.  Of course, this is a more formal presentation of the same color.

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A khaki staircase leading to a dining room.
A khaki foyer welcomes your guests

The Master Bedroom:

A neutral master bedroom feels tranquil.  In fact, you can have the spa-like feeling every day if you choose these walls.

Paint the entire bedroom is this classic shade.  Next, add crisp white linens and furnishings.  Natural accessories like seashells pair well with this look.  You create an instantly casual and soothing atmosphere to retire to each evening.

On the other hand, pair your walls with black furniture and bedding.  This gives you a sleek, elegant, contemporary bedroom.

Either way, you win!

master bedroom.” width=”481″ height=”481″ /> Khaki & black pair elegantly in the master bedroom.
A khaki bed in a bedroom.
Traditional furnishings update instantly when you add khaki

The Khaki Living Room:

The khaki living room feels luxurious and calm.  It adds contrast to traditional white molding and trim work.  You can entertain and relax in comfort.  In addition, you can showcase artwork and photographs against this neutral backdrop.

Conversely, you can add more elaborate layers or color. Paint an accent wall red, add some fluffy pillows, and put down a colorful rug to stimulate your senses.

A living room with red walls and khaki chairs.
Khaki & red living room impresses and invites
A living room with a khaki couch.
Minimalist living room warmed by the khaki walls

The Deck:

I know what some of you are thinking.  The deck is not a room.  Arguably, the deck is a room. In fact, it is our outdoor living room.  We eat, relax and nap on the deck. In addition, we entertain friends and unwind on the deck. That said, let’s beautify our deck with khaki!

Paint your deck with a neutral color.  It hides and smooths out any imperfections and protects the wood from the sun. Finally, it just looks beautiful!

A khaki deck with chairs.
Relax and enjoy the view from a deck by the lake
A house with a khaki porch and landscaping.
A neutral deck, ready to accessorize!

After you’ve painted your deck, choose your furnishings. Select fabrics with neutral stripes mixed with bright colored stripes to add instant color.  In addition, dining accessories add color and functionality.  For example, purchase brightly colored glassware.  Finally, invite friends over for cocktails.

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In conclusion, never think of this neutral as boring.  Neutral colors allow you to build a warm room and incorporate your own favorite colors and textures.

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