5 Wonderful Backyard Retreats

A circular fire pit in a wonderful backyard retreat.

There are times in everyone’s life when they just want to escape and go somewhere private and quiet, away from the everyday hustle and bustle.  Why not make that escape just a few steps away in your own backyard?  Here are some inspiring backyard retreats that will have you looking at your outdoor space in a whole new light.

A blue couch and pillows on a wooden deck in a wonderful backyard retreat.
Comfortable seating and a place for refreshments makes a backyard retreat welcoming (Pinterest)
A wooden walkway leads to a charming wooden house in a wonderful backyard retreat.
Set aside some space in your backyard for a calming and private retreat (Pinterest)
A wonderful backyard retreat with a covered patio adorned with a blue tarp and equipped with table and chairs.
Create a pretty retreat in your backyard and share a quiet moment with a guest (Pinterest)

1.  The Backyard Shed

One way to make your retreat a year-round venture is to have a small shed in your backyard, sheltering you from the elements and giving you plenty of privacy.  The structure can double as a garden shed or a studio.

A blue shed in a garden, a wonderful backyard retreat.
A cozy little retreat in the backyard (Pinterest)
A small shed in the woods with a wooden deck, perfect for a wonderful backyard retreat.
A cozy retreat for year-round privacy (homedecoria)
A small red house in the wonderful woods.
A charming garden shed can give you the private retreat you crave (photos-hgtv)
A person is enjoying a Wonderful backyard retreat on a wooden deck.
A unique structure to employ as a backyard retreat (trendir)

2.  Pull up a Chair

Pull up a chair and make any space in your backyard your private little retreat.  In the middle of the garden, in a cozy nook or on the patio, make yourself at home outdoors in a comfortable chair.

A wicker bench in a 5 Wonderful Backyard Retreats.
A wicker settee makes a perfect garden getaway (thegardeningcook)
5 Wonderful Backyard Retreats featuring stone gardens with fountains and benches.
A well-placed chair in the garden can provide a peaceful retreat (Pinterest)
A small garden with a wooden bench and greenery, one of the 5 Wonderful Backyard Retreats.
A cozy reading spot or retreat in the backyard (Pinterest)
A wonderful backyard retreat with a hot tub and lounge chairs.
Comfy lounge chairs in a secluded backyard area are the perfect escape (Houzz.com.au)
5 Wonderful Backyard Retreats with a Fire Pit and Furniture.
A few comfortable chairs on the patio make a homey place to relax (decoist)
A colorful garden with a bench and a tree that serves as one of the 5 Wonderful Backyard Retreats.
This is a beautiful backyard seating area that can be a private retreat for one or more (freshome)

3.  A Cozy Enclosure

A cozy backyard enclosure is the perfect spot to read a book, take a nap or just enjoy a beverage.  Surround yourself with a pergola or carve out a special place in your garden for a spot to relax.

A Wonderful Backyard Retreat with a pergola and a hot tub.
A semi-enclosed spot for relaxing (Pinterest)
A Wonderful gazebo retreat in a garden.
A small enclave perfect for relaxing (styleathome)
A wooden shed transformed into 5 Wonderful Backyard Retreats, adorned with flowers.
A decorative lattice enclosure makes for a charming backyard escape (bedroom-furniture-resource)
A garden retreat with a green bench and green plants.
A pergola offers a charming garden accent and a place to retreat (homedit)
An outdoor living room with striped pillows and a fireplace featured in 5 Wonderful Backyard Retreats.
Create an outdoor room for relaxing (Pinterest)

4.  Hammocks

Hammocks are the epitome of backyard relaxation.  Lazy summer days or nights can be spent whiling away the hours in these backyard staples.  No summer is complete without a nap in a hammock.

Wonderful small backyard retreat with a hammock and a bench.
A cozy retreat with hammock (Pinterest)
A wonderful backyard retreat with a hammock hanging from a tree.
The ultimate backyard tool, the hammock (Pinterest)
A white house with a hammock in front of it is a wonderful backyard retreat.
Enjoy a few hours of relaxation in a backyard hammock (homedit)

5.  A Tent

A tent will have you reminiscing about your childhood as you cozy up in your own private little oasis.  Make your own tent with a blanket or sheet and fill it with pillows and all the comforts of home.

A Wonderful Backyard Retreat: A tent in a backyard.
Bring back childhood memories in a home-made tent (lifeasmama)
A girl sits in a wonderful tent under a full moon.
A beautiful way to spend a few hours to escape (duitang)

Let these outdoor retreats inspire you to find your own backyard escape.  It can be as simple as a comfortable chair or hammock, or you can choose a multi-purpose seating area or shed.  Have fun creating your own backyard oasis.

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