Design Ideas for Waterside Homes

A white dog rests on a porch.

Outlined in this article are some of the expert solutions for living by the water. It can be near a mountain lake or in an ocean side cottage.A lawn near a house on the water with grass and bushes.

Designers usually try to take the advantage of views but also take into account wind, salt, tide and water table. When it comes to designing, they try to give diversity of areas for dining, gathering and relaxing. Also when landscapes are taken into account people try to opt for landscapes that are easier to care for and are ecologically more appropriate.A living room with a fireplace and wicker furniture.

Some designers prefer to use screened-in porch with a fireplace in lakeside country homes. It becomes the perfect place to enjoy the breeze off the water without getting annoyed by the insects.A blue and orange rug with a water stripe.

When it comes to designing near a water place some designers go for a boat like theme in which materials like teak, canvas, brass and sailcloth are used. Also rugs that are made up of recycled plastic are used as they come in great colours.A white dog rests on a porch.

Houses that are near water need to have floors that should feel relaxed. There are two strategies: one of them is to use an unfinished scrubbed wood that is neutral or light in colour or one can always opt for an inexpensive wood which is painted in high gloss floor paint in a fun colour.A wooden shower stall with a water-spraying feature.

Outdoor showers keep the sand out of the house and in a balmy weather it is just plain fun! The outdoor shower would also work perfectly well in a poolside!

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