Indoor Swimming Pools to Inspire

An indoor circular swimming pool.

Many of us are aware of the benefits of swimming and dream of the luxury of having our own swimming pool.  However, choosing between an indoor and outdoor pool can be a tough decision.  Here are the benefits and drawbacks of an indoor pool and photos of luxury home swimming pools to inspire you.

A large indoor swimming pool lit up with blue lights to inspire.
A luxury indoor swimming pool (225n)
An inspiring indoor oasis featuring a hot tub in the middle of a room.
A rustic setting for this indoor swimming pool (swimmingpooldesignse.blogspot)
A large indoor swimming pool.
A very luxurious indoor swimming pool (

The major benefit of an indoor swimming pool is that you can swim year-round, regardless of weather conditions.  (However, swimming during a thunderstorm is not advised.)  When the weather turns cold, you can enjoy a swim in the comfort of your enclosed space.

An inspiring indoor swimming pool featuring a waterfall and palm trees.
Year-round swimming is the major benefit of an indoor pool (interiorsbystudiom)
Indoor swimming pools that inspire.
Swimming all year at any time is the benefit to indoor pools (homeinspirations)

An indoor pool is easier to maintain because you will not have to contend with natural elements, such as leaves, bugs and debris. 

Some pool cleaners like the Polaris 9450 Sport, which comes with four-wheel drive can easily remove dirt, debris and algae.

 Whereas you may have to clean an outdoor pool daily, an indoor pool only requires the standard chemical treatments and periodic cleaning to maintain healthy water. Another advantage is that pool leaks are easier to spot indoors, outdoor pools leaks can easily be mistaken by natural evaporation.

An indoor swimming pool that inspires.
Indoor pools require less daily maintenance (homedesign993)
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Beautiful interior swimming pool (interiorarcade)

Many people prefer a private space to swim and relax in their pools.  Although most pools are enclosed by backyard fencing, when you live next door to a multi-level home, neighbors can view your pool.  Having an indoor pool allows you the additional privacy of total enclosure.

Indoor swimming pool in a house.
Privacy is a key featured benefit of an indoor pool (homedesign99)
Indoor swimming pool in a house.
Privacy and luxury from an indoor swimming pool (imaomi)

The major drawback of having an indoor pool is not having the open space and sunshine you may enjoy.  There’s something very relaxing and enjoyable about lounging poolside after a swim.  Backyard parties with an outdoor pool can also be more accommodating than an enclosed space.  However, an indoor space can be designed for entertaining.

An Interior Design Tribute to Blue
Indoor swimming pool in a house.
Backyard pool parties are great, but adding entertaining areas to an indoor pool space helps (homedesign992)
An inspiring indoor swimming pool with lounge chairs and a blue ceiling.
Indoor pools can offer entertaining space as well (mrwallpaper)
An indoor swimming pool in a home.
A cozy and luxurious indoor swimming pool space (rentitfurnished)

Although maintaining the indoor pool is easier, building and heating the interior space can add to the cost.  Building a sunroom can eliminate some of this, but there is still the added cost of the room itself if not already a part of your property.

Indoor swimming pool in a house.
Building a sunroom for the pool can eliminate some of the heating issues (swimmingpooldesignse.blogspot)
An inspiring indoor swimming pool with a blue ceiling.
Well-insulated windows can cut down on energy costs of maintaining an indoor swimming pool (Pinterest)

There is always the risk of condensation and mildew with indoor swimming facilities.  This can be remedied with adequate ventilation.

A home with an indoor swimming pool in inspiring blue lighting.
A beautiful indoor swimming pool (zeospot)
An inspiring indoor swimming pool at night.
A luxurious swimming pool enclosure with enhanced ceiling

Overall, an indoor swimming pool is an individual choice.  If sunbathing poolside and swimming in the open air is your idea of owning a pool, then an indoor pool is not for you.  However, if you prefer privacy, want to cut down on maintenance and want to swim any day of the year, then an indoor pool is your answer.  So, dive into an indoor swimming pool for year-round exercise and enjoyment.


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