Round Houses and Circular Interior Style

A circular white house on a sand dune at dusk.

We’ve probably all seen unique houses in our travels and even seen round houses on occasion.  Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in a round house or considered decorating a space in your perfectly angled home in the round?  Here are some unique round homes and ways to decorate in a circular design layout.

A circular white building.
Extraordinary circular architecture (trendier)
A Victorian style home with a circular interior lit up at night.
A lovely round house (dc-urbanturf)
A circular house with a circular interior style.
Round house (alternativeconsumer)
A circular house nestled in a wooded area.
Round houses come in all shapes, styles and sizes (takesunset)
A modern living room with large windows, a large rug, and circular interior style.
Decorating a round home has its challenges (spafitaz)

A round house has no corners and the walls gently curve to embrace you in its curves.  If the home is multi-level, a curving staircase adds to the drama of the circular space.  Rooms flow into one another without any sharp angles.  The round house is graceful and organic.

A round living room with a circular ceiling.
Round house interior (yogizendude)
A circular staircase in a room.
Curved staircase would greatly enhance a round house (bostonstair)
A circular spiral staircase in a house with round interior style.
A modern circular staircase (Houzz)

From the outside the round house is unique and seems to fit right into the landscape.  Its organic shape is appealing and pleasing to the eye.  Beautiful windows and other architectural features can make the round home truly beautiful.

A round house on top of a hill with a spiral staircase.
An amazing round house (houses)
A contemporary building with a circular shape and circular interior style.
Beautiful round house architecture (233prime)
A circular yellow house with a green roof.
A charming round house (popville)
A round house with a spiral staircase at night.
A round house with wraparound deck (jetsongreen)
A circular house with a circular interior style near a lake in the woods.
This round house blends with the landscape (roundhouses.wordpress)

Decorating the round house has its own challenges.  Modular sofas that gently curve and form circular seating areas around a round coffee table work well, but you don’t have to conform every bit of furniture to the round home.  Open floor plans are more apt to be the norm for round houses, thus giving you the option to decorate freely as you would a traditionally shaped home.

A kitchen with a stone fireplace and wood beams, featuring elements of Circular Interior Style.
A round house does not mean you have to conform to its interior curves (timesunion)
A circular fireplace in a round house.
High ceilings and a stunning skylight in this round house (earthenergyreader.wordpress)
A living room with a stone fireplace and wooden beams in a circular interior style.
A round house interior (decoist)

To create a rounded room in any home is easy.  For the dining room, add a circular ceiling element.  Create a circle with architectural molding or create a round enhancement for the ceiling.  Use a round dining table directly under the ceiling feature.  To carry the theme throughout the room, repeat the circle pattern in the rug, fabrics or accessories.

Create A Collage For Any Room
A modern dining room with blue chairs and a wooden ceiling featuring circular interior style.
Carrying through the circular theme (kriver)
A circular dining room with chairs.
A circular room (homedecorativedesign)
An elegant round dining room with a chandelier.
A stunning raised dining room with circular theme (interiordesign777)
A dining room with a round table and chairs, showcasing circular interior style.
Circular ceiling detail sets the theme for this dining room (download3dhouse)

For the living room, create a raised circular floor and place furniture around the circle.  If this is not an option for you, simply use a round rug and place a curved sofa around the rug, choose a round coffee table and add accessories that repeat the pattern.

A circular living room with a large couch.
Rounded seating and flooring embrace the room (freshome)
A circular living room with a view of the ocean.
Seating on the round (decoist)
A 3D rendering of a modern hotel room with circular interior style.
A circular room (3dhousedownload)
A 3D rendering of a living room with yellow accents featuring circular interior style.
Repeated circular shapes enhance this room (homedesignideaspics)
A living room with a grey couch and circular dining table.
Curves and circles create a nice flow (home-designing)

The round house is unique.  Organic in nature, it flows right into the landscape.  Decorating a round house has its challenges but you don’t have to conform to its shape for your interior design to be successful.  With stunning views when built with wraparound windows, the round house is where you can feel a warm embrace and relax in chic comfort.


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