Hobbit Homes That Are Affordable For Everyone

A rendering of a futuristic house with grass.

We have already written about the The magic of a Hobbit house and also informed you about great experience you can get at the Hobbiton Movie Set. But now it is time to introduce the affordable hobbit homes you can buy and place on your property!

These homes look like something straight out of a Tolkien novel and they’re perfect for anyone who’s ever wanted to live like a hobbit. They’re designed by Green Magic Homes and they’re also easy to construct and affordable.

A group of people constructing large white sculptures in a factory resembling Hobbit Homes. A white dome resembling a Hobbit home is sitting on top of a hill. A Hobbit home made of grass in the middle of a mountain. A Hobbit home with a stream running through it. An artist's rendering of a desert camp with a swimming pool featuring Hobbit Homes. A 3D rendering of a beach house with palm trees and a pool, inspired by Hobbit Homes. Hobbit Homes made out of plants. A Hobbit home with a green roof nestled in the middle of a grassy hill.

The Green Magic Homes are composed of prefabricated vaulted panels manufactured with composite laminate materials, confined laterally by walls in reinforced soil, with a high index of stabilization and protection from climate meteorological harmful effects change and UV radiation. The technology is designed to adapt to any type of topography, either flat, with moderate land slopes or steep slopes.

Couldn’t you just buy a plot of land and order home to assemble? Starting at $9,904 USD, we think these houses are incredibly affordable and could be an awesome alternative to traditional housing.

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