Creating Space with Ghost and Mirror Furniture

A salon with ghost furniture and mirrored walls, creating a spacious atmosphere.

There are two types of space in an interior: Actual space and Implied space. Actual space is obviously walking space, space that is not occupied by anything. Implied space is space that is not real, but gives the illusion of space even when there is something there. The best example of implied space is a mirror, although this is a hard surface, being able to see the reflection of the room makes it seem as if there is something beyond that mirror. Using this concept it is smart to try creating space with ghost and mirror furniture.

The same concept that goes for reflective surfaces also goes for transparent surfaces, having ‘ghost furniture’ can create the illusion that nothing is there while still fulfilling the function of the furniture. As you can see in the picture below, there is one ghost chair and one regular chair. The regular chair stops your eyes and creates a barrier while the ghost chair implies that there is space around the table, making it feel less crowded.

A white dining room with a black and white rug, creating space with mirror furniture.
Regular chair vs. Ghost chair (justinteriorideas)

The same principal is displayed in the next two photos. The coffee table in the first photo does not block the view of the sofa but lets sofa and decor shine while quietly functioning without being in the way. There are also two ghost chairs and a lamp in the photo that keep the room from being too cluttered. The second photo is a full dining area of only ghost furniture. The entire floor is completely visible, making the room seem open while it is actually full of furniture.

The magic of a Hobbit house
A white couch in a living room creating space.
Ghost lamp, chair, and coffee table (lucitetables)
A table with transparent chairs creating space and providing a view of the city.
Nearly invisible dining table and chairs for maximum implied space (pinterest)

Small spaces would benefit greatly from this principle as it gives the illusion of space and keep the room from feeling full without sacrificing any furniture pieces that you might need.

A black dresser and mirror create space in a pink room with ghost furniture.
Mirrored furniture reflecting the room in front of it (stylepinner)

A bedroom with a large bed and a painting on the wall, creating space with mirror furniture.

A living room with a dining table and chairs, creating space.
Sleek ghost chairs and glass partition in dining room (homedit)

Finally, mixing the two concepts can be a great way of getting the maximum implied space without overusing one finish.

Creating Space with Clear Chairs and a Mirror.
Large mirror and ghost chairs in dining room (decorpad)
Breezy dining room with ghost furniture, large mirror, and large glass door (homedit)
Breezy dining room with ghost furniture, large mirror, and large glass door (homedit)
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