Unconventional Homes – Conversions Worth Conversation

A unconventional house with a stained glass window.

When it comes to homes today, the art of creating a house from an existing structure has reached a new level in architecture.  Would you live in a barn, a warehouse, a bus or a shipping container?  How about living in a grain silo or an old fire station?  Here are some home conversions so unique that you may not even recognize the structure from where they came.

An unconventional horse trailer conversion featuring a couch and bed.
Horse trailer home conversion (signaturequarters)

The warehouse home conversion is very popular in urban areas, creating homes with an industrial vibe.  Warehouse homes generally have soaring ceilings and plenty of windows.  Their open floor plans make for wonderful modern living spaces.

An unconventional white house with a patio and a garden, worth conversation.
Warehouse home conversion (Pinterest)
A modern kitchen with a large table and chairs in an unconventional home.
Warehouse home conversion (Pinterest)
A living room with unconventional black leather furniture and a red bookcase.
Plenty of natural light in this warehouse home conversion (onekindesign)
A dining table is in the middle of a conversation-worthy room.
Sleek and modern warehouse home conversion (freshpalace)
Unconventional living room with wooden floors and a staircase.
Stunning warehouse home conversion (freshome)

Church home conversions create unique and beautiful residences.  Open lofts, plenty of character and wonderful windows highlight the church home conversion.  These beautiful homes also have sweeping open spaces.

A living room with an unconventional piano.
Beautiful airy church home conversion (smallhomedesignideas)
A church dining room with an unconventional spiral staircase.
Soaring ceilings highlight this church home conversion (Jackson-stops.co.uk)
An unconventional church conversion is lit up at dusk, worth conversation.
Exterior church home conversion (idesignarch)
A spacious living room with hardwood floors and a vaulted ceiling in an unconventional home conversion.
Bright and lofty church home conversion (homegue)
A conversational dining room with a large table and chairs.
Beautiful open spaces and large windows highlight this church home conversion (alkemie.blogspot)

Barn home conversions are a popular rural residential style.  With rough-hewn wood throughout, the barn home is a space that can be converted to a modern style or remain true to its rustic nature.  Large loft spaces and open floor plans prevail in these homes.

A living room with wood beams and a striped rug in an unconventional home.
Barn home conversion (onekindesign)
A living room with a fireplace in an unconventional home.
Fabulously unique barn home conversion (hauteresidence)
A living room featuring an unconventional hammock hanging from the ceiling.
Beautiful wood highlights this barn home conversion (freshome)

Shipping container home conversions are cropping up all over with some surprising results.  Additions can be made to the exterior for a better curb appeal.  Container home conversions fit a more modern taste.

A red container house in the middle of the jungle, a conversation-worthy unconventional home.
Shipping container home conversion (tinyhousetalk)
A shipping container converted into a unique kitchen and dining area, creating an unconventional home worth conversation.
Shipping container home conversion (Scott Perry’s Joshua Tree building via Pinterest)
A living room, kitchen and dining room in an unconventional shipping container conversion.
Shipping container home conversion (Cyrus McCrimmon, The Denver Post)

Buses, public or private, can be reclaimed for home conversions as well.  These structures offer small-home living with plenty of windows.

Keywords: Unconventional Homes – Conversion
Bus home conversion (twistedsifter)
An unconventional conversion of a bus into a kitchen.
Bus home conversion (greenprophet)

Fire stations and school houses are another home conversion option.  There is a great history in these buildings and the end result can be very charming.

A unique home with an open kitchen and dining room featuring a skylight.
Fire station home conversion (via smallhouseswoon; Architect: Two Ton Inc, Luke Mandle)
A conversation-worthy living room with unconventional bookshelves and a unique staircase.
School house home conversion (Houzz)

Grain silos are stealing the spotlight for home conversions.  Their unique shape sets them apart.  The interiors of these converted spaces are nothing short of amazing.

Instagrammable Interior Ideas: Living with Style
A unique structure featuring a fire pit.
Grain silo home conversion (freshome)
An unconventional spiral staircase in a living room conversion worth conversation.
Stunning grain silo home conversion interior (goodhomedesign)
A bedroom with a ceiling fan.
Grain silo home conversion bedroom (goodhomedesign)

Unique and character-rich, converted homes set themselves apart from the traditional residence.  Warehouse, church, barn, grain silo, shipping container or even bus.  These converted homes are full of fun and style.


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