Styling a Gorgeous Moroccan Living Room



Moroccan interior design for living rooms has burst onto the scene in the past decade, previously only reflecting Bohemian and adventurous lifestyles. Today, Moroccan interior design is a solid staple for all kinds of homes across the world and we are not only incorporating Moroccan detailed patterns and shapes into our home, but also being inspired by Moroccan lifestyles, with more informal seating and a focus on rich, warming colours.

Moroccan design reflects its warm and humid climate. Use this as inspiration for your Summer outdoor entertaining space (
Stick to very opulent and complementary tones for a genuine Moroccan richness (
Cushions can make your floor seating area comfortable but is a window to introduce more texture, print, and colour to your living room (

To ramp up the luxury of your living room, stick to a cooler colour palette with less contrast and more sophisticated metallic and muted tones. Silvers, golds, bronzers and calm neutrals like cream, white, and grey, can have a really striking effect when inspiring and detailed Moroccan shapes and patterns are introduced. Texture also translates as luxury, so maintain plenty of soft and hard materials in your home, with plenty of plush and comfortable seating.

Oversized features can be striking but these blend with the room perfectly and don’t take any attention away from the rest of the room’s considerable detail (
Play up to any outstanding features your home may have. Huge features can dictate the theme of the entire room (

Simply adding a few Moroccan-style decorative features to your living room can help you achieve that North African vibe without any making any hard alternations to your home. Switch up your soft furnishings and move-able fixtures such as mirrors, tables, and light shades to add beautiful Moroccan shapes and colours to your home.

Go for your own untraditional colour palette, combined with Moroccan shapes and features for a unique and personal style (
Go for your own untraditional colour palette, combined with Moroccan shapes and features for a unique and personal style (
The simple and inexpensive addition of Moroccan prints and North-African style mirror adds instant narrative to an otherwise plain living room (
Using soft furnishings and adding luxury prints and features to a small room can add style and mystery to a room struggling with space (


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