Many Shades of Gray

A living room with gray furniture and a fireplace.

Gray is soothing, sophisticated and chic.  You may think gray interiors are rather boring, but if done right and mixed with the correct balance of color and accessories, gray interiors can be quite sensational.  Gray continues to be a top color choice among designers and there are many variations of the color from which to choose to make your interiors sing.

A living room with gray interiors and a dining table and chairs.
A living room with a white couch and gray interiors.

Gray is a neutral color and therefore can be combined with just about any other color.  The various shades of gray, ranging from dove to charcoal, make it a chameleon of sorts for many room designs.  Gray makes the perfect backdrop for displaying vivid colors and keeping them from becoming overbearing.

A living room with blue and grey furniture.

A cool color by definition, gray combined with beige or brown creates a room that is warm and sophisticated.  Pair brown leather and rich stained woods with gray upholstered pieces.

A living room with gray couches and a chandelier.
A modern living room with gray interiors featuring a ceiling fan and TV.
An elegant living room with gray interiors and a fireplace.

Fresh shades of green and blue mix well with gray and add a bit of zip to a room.  This look is contemporary and vibrant.

A living room with green walls and white furniture decorated with gray interiors.
A living room with white furniture and gray interiors.
A living room with a gray couch.

Purple loves gray, making a winning color combination.  Regal purple and cool gray create spaces that are vibrant and just the right mix of luxury and comfort.

A living room with gray interiors and a tv.
A living room with gray interiors and purple accents.

Yellow brings sunshine and a sense of fun to contemporary gray interiors.  Bright yellow brings punch to mid-tone grays while softer yellow combined with light gray creates a soothing and pleasantly bright interior.

A living room with yellow curtains.
A living room with gray interiors and a grey couch.
Gray interiors with yellow accents.

A monochromatic gray color scheme is the epitome of sleek sophistication.  Dark charcoal gray walls enhance a room with varying shades of lighter dove gray and mid-tone grays for depth.  The result is refined sophistication.

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A living room with gray interiors featuring a couch and a lamp.
Gray walls and chandelier in a dining room with elegant gray interiors.
A living room with gray interiors and zebra print pillows.

Discover the many shades of gray and experiment with different color combinations to create just the right balance of chic and sophisticated styling.



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