Create Your Own Kitchen Herb Garden

A herb garden on a wooden pallet planter.

Food without herbs and spices is plain. Fresh herbs add color, taste and a sensational aroma. On top of that, the fragrance of freshly cut herbs complements the the smell of freshly cooked goodies. According to star chef Curtis Stone, growing your own herbs has numerous benefits. Among them is the feeling of satisfaction and pride. “I like being able to tell people that the lunch I’m serving started out as a seed in my yard”.

Our question is: would you like you grown your own herbs? Whether you are living in a big house or a small apartment, you can have a herb garden in your very own kitchen. We browsed the web and brought you 15 ideas to steal. Check them out.

A table with hanging wine bottles transformed into a herb garden.
Upcycled wine bottles and copper tubing make a stylish herb garden (
Herb garden made from wine bottles.
Give your kitchen a fresh look with a modern herb garden design (
Two wine glasses with herb plants on a shelf.
Add a touch of color to your kitchen with this lovely DIY herb garden (
A plastic bottle herb garden.
Grow you own vegetables and herbs vertically (
A shelf full of white pots with herb plants on them.
Amazing herb garden design uses PET bottles as planters (
A bedroom with plants hanging from the ceiling to create a black and white herb garden.
Spruce up your kitchen with a hanging herb garden (

A DIY weekend project can turn into a stunning design that will liven up your kitchen. Up-cycle wine bottles and PETs to create an unique, budget friendly herb garden.

Three mason jars with herbs in them displayed as a herb garden.
Distressed wood and mason jars herb garden will add a rustic look to your kitchen (
A herb garden with herbs hanging on a wooden frame.
Grow your own vertical herb garden (
A herb garden on a wooden pallet planter.
Use pallets to create the herb garden of your dreams (

If you fancy the look of weathered wood, there are endless design possibilities for you. You can use pallets to create an herb rack. You can pair wood with mason jars, buckets, even fabric pockets.

A wall mounted herb garden with herbs.
Use gutters as planters to add an industrial touch to your kitchen (
A kitchen with an herb garden and a cup of coffee on two shelves.
The chalkboard planters really bring out the color in your herbs (

Use chalkboard paint as a background to put your herbs in the spotlight. The black paint will surely enhance their color.

A kitchen with a herb garden and wine bottles on a counter.
Practical sunken planter (

Keep you herbs in handy. The closer they are to your cooking station, the better. You can opt for a sunken container to store herbs, wine, spices and cooking oils.

A kitchen with a hanging herb garden.
Keep your herbs in handy by hanging them upside down (
An herb garden with pots of herbs hanging on a pegboard.
Use a pegboard to organize planters and tools (
Three small potted plants on a window sill, forming a mini herb garden.
Prettify your kitchen using tea cups as planters (

Cups and tea cups can make outstanding planters for a herb garden. Depending on their design, they can fit any style from shabby chic to contemporary.

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Let us know, what idea you would like to “steal” for your herbs garden?

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