Kitchen Remodeling with Cozy Textured Cabinets

Kitchen Remodeling with stainless steel appliances.

Planning your kitchen remodeling can be described as a unique piece of art. A variety of design patterns and textures are available in the home decor market that you can choose from. You might get confused even after looking at only a few of them by the end of the day. But it is also necessary that kitchen remodeling should be done in such a way that it should look good to the eyes, should also be convenient to use at all times, and most importantly it should increase your home resale value.

Either you are planning to stay in your home forever or sell it off but Replacing kitchen cabinets completely is a very expensive affair in modern times. However, with the help of ready to attach kitchen cabinets you need not wait for a prolonged duration to get the aspired renovation in your kitchen. The expenses will also be economical when you are going for the ready to attach cabinets and accessories.

A modern kitchen remodel with a marble counter top and stainless steel appliances.

Evolution in modern kitchens can make you come across the structured and textured cabinet doors and drawers commonly in every home. The pretty cabinet textures bring movement and depth to a kitchen without being too loud. Before you settle for the textured cabinets, you need to understand the difference between smooth and textured cabinetry.

Smooth Cabinetry

The benefits of choosing smooth cabinetry will result in a more modern feel to your kitchen’s appearance. Smooth cabinet styles come in a variety of wood types, colors, and finishes—but are best paired with modern hardware and metals. 

Textured Cabinetry

On the flip side, you would choose textured cabinetry if you prefer a farmhouse chic or classic style. There’s something about the groves and definition in these beautiful cabinets that make you feel warm and right at home in any kitchen. Alike to the smooth cabinetry, you can find textured cabinets in any color, wood type, or finish. 

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An upgraded kitchen with wooden cabinets and counter tops.

Why Must You Choose Textured Cabinetry Over Smooth One?

  • If you’re not careful, you can wind up with a whole lot of “shiny-and-smooth” kitchen features, without any textures to balance it out. If you are too lazy to find a way to mix it up, even modern kitchen designs, which are acknowledged for their sleek and streamlined finishes, can wind up looking flat. 
  • Texture boosts depth and interest to kitchen interior design spaces, and it’s an especially significant element if your design palette falls on the all-white or monochromatic end of things. 
  • If you want to give your kitchen a traditional look then your texture is all in the details. By details, it means the lighting fixtures, cabinet door knobs, and pulls—including the finishes, and the sink.

Textural Cabinetry door panels can be crafted with matching cabinet boxes front to back or you can choose to enhance the look with complementary laminate cabinet doors. The finished product is in line with all the current trends in custom cabinetry and creates a beautiful, polished appearance to complement any kitchen style. For a more budget-minded cabinet, customers can choose Textural Cabinetry door panels with a melamine cabinet box.

Cabinet’s textural appearance is often overlooked but it has been a growing trend from 2020 in homes. It only makes sense for it when it is merged into the kitchen cabinetry design. You can supplement texture to your kitchen by layering rustic characteristics like butcher block countertops with a brick backsplash, or mixing natural touches like wood cabinetry with natural stone flooring. You can also add visual interest to your kitchen by mixing and matching metals in your kitchen hardware.

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A kitchen with black and white marble counter tops perfect for Kitchen Remodeling.

Ways to Use Texture in Your Kitchen

Go all out with textured worksurfaces

This year, textured worktops are set to be huge. Kitchen artists are using natural materials like stone, slate, and granite, which can be glossy or honed, to lend spaces a tactile aspect. 

Add texture with a statement wall

Not brave enough to go for a slate countertop? No problem. A statement wall is an excellent way to add attention to your design. Not all of us have our bank accounts full of dollars to spend on exposed stonework in our homes. But it doesn’t mean that our kitchen can’t have a premier look. Let’s fake it by using textured wallpaper on one wall.

Combine similar sleek textures for a contemporary finis

: Contrary to popular belief, the texture doesn’t have to be rough. Blend it to have sleek modern finishes that create a smooth, super-contemporary aesthetic. 

Layer rustic textures for an industrial look

Rustic, industrial spaces are all the rage this year. This appearance relies massively on varied materials, working together to create a trendy, rough aesthetic. A kitchen nails the industrial style with its exposed brickwork, distressed wooden cabinets, and stone countertop.

Add natural touches to create a homely space

Sometimes kitchens can be left feeling somewhat stark and unwelcoming. You can utilize textural elements to modify this, giving your space a more homely feel. Embrace fabric stools to add a cozy element to your home. Admirably tactile, they are often comfortably cushioned, and coupled with coordinating fabric dining chairs they will lend a snug feel to your space.

Use different metals to add texture to your look

While chrome is used to rule the roost in kitchen design, today brushed steel is becoming more widely used. Brushed steel offers a more definite finish than chrome, working well in all styles of kitchen interiors. 

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Ready to start your kitchen remodeling projects? CozyHome Cabinets has the kitchen remodeling and cabinets solutions you need all in one place. To learn more about our kitchen cabinet building and installation projects, contact us today.

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