Ten Beautiful Ways to Use Copper in Your Kitchen

A white kitchen with wood floors and a center island incorporating copper accents.

Do you love the appearance of shiny copper? Are you looking for an attractive way to incorporate this metal into your kitchen design? Copper can be found in any look, from rustic to elegant, depending on the way it’s created. Copper can be dark and weathered-looking, or bright and shiny. It can be brushed, polished, or hammered. Designs can be stamped or engraved into the surface.

Choosing one or two dramatic touches can create an expensive custom look, especially when accented with a variety of smaller copper touches. For example, installing a copper range hood over a beautiful stove can make a great focal point. Accents of copper hardware, light fixtures, and drawer pulls bring the look together. Add a set of copper salt and pepper shakers to finish it off.

Skillets and Pans

One of the easiest and most practical ways to include copper in your kitchen design is by using copper pans. Not only are they one of the best metals to cook with, but copper pans also look great hanging in your kitchen. This rustic look is common in farmhouse, Tuscan, and rustic-style kitchens. It’s also great for modern kitchens if done carefully and clutter is avoided. Some people use a rack hanging from the ceiling, while others hang the pans on the wall using hooks. Either way, you can cook with and enjoy the shine of copper by storing your skillets and pans outside of your cupboards.


Shiny red copper faucets add an instant touch of class to your kitchen. Usually, this will be accompanied with copper in other places, like hardware and lights, to round out the look. When used with a copper sink, you will create a focal point for your kitchen. Like other kinds of copper materials, there are a variety of finishes and styles, so make sure yours look well together.

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Range Hood

Copper range hoods are one of the most beautiful ways to add a unique touch to your kitchen. Since range hoods are large, they can be dramatic and a centerpiece to your room. Purchasing a copper range hood is a way to make a statement and is a valuable investment into your home’s future value. While large features like backsplashes and range hoods can be expensive, they create the atmosphere of the room and are easy to complement with smaller touches, like drawer pulls.


Copper sinks, along with range hoods and backsplashes, are a focal point in your kitchen. In styles from elegant and molded to rustic and hammered, copper is versatile and perfect for sinks. From pricy conversation pieces like engraved copper farmhouse sinks to less expensive drop in options, there’s a copper sink for nearly every budget. The best part? Copper requires no special maintenance and lasts for years.


A copper backsplash makes a bold and confident statement. It’s easy to clean and maintain, which is vital in this easily-dirtied area. Copper can be used as tiles or sheets, and can be stamped in a design, hammered, or left smooth and shiny. Since your backsplash is such as large area, make sure using copper won’t be overwhelming in your space. This works best in open-floor plan areas that are brightly lit, rather than small, enclosed kitchens.

Partial Backsplash

If having your entire backsplash in copper is too bold for your kitchen, consider having a copper backsplash installed just behind your stove. This gives the look and feel of a backsplash without covering all your walls- and without being so expensive. Plus, this area gets more grease and splatters than any other part of the wall and it’s great to be able to clean it easily.

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Cabinet Pulls

Using copper pulls on your cupboard doors and drawers brings the look of copper into your kitchen without being as expensive as some of the other options. While pulls can always be a pricy outlay, it’s something you’re going to add anyway, and using copper can really pull together the room.

Light Fixtures

Adding copper to your kitchen with your light fixtures is easy and cost effective. Like drawer pulls, light fixtures are something you have to buy anyway, and using copper doesn’t usually add that much to the cost. Copper light fixtures can be dramatic and elegant or understated. Rustic lights can be used with old-fashioned-looking LED Edison bulbs. By using copper in several smaller areas, you can get the look and feel of a more expensive room.


While you may have trouble finding copper-finished appliances, it’s easy to add copper touches. Most home improvement stores sell copper handles and knobs for the appliances you already have. This could be a great way to pull together your look, and they have the added benefit of being antimicrobial.


Add a metallic touch in unexpected places, like copper salt and pepper shakers, trash can, or canisters. You can even get small appliances in copper, such as toasters and electric kettles. While you don’t want to overwhelm your kitchen with shiny metal, a few carefully selected minimalist pieces can look great as an accent.

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