Eclectic Tile Designs


Tiles are a quick and easy way to decorate your home without worrying about what a spilled drink or fallen spaghetti will do to it. Tiles are one of the best floors you can have in your home as they are sturdy, smooth and easy to clean or replace, unlike carpeting or hardwood floors.  Most homeowners just consider tiles that come pre made with some design or color on them. This isn’t bad, but to make your home truly one of a kind with little hints of your personality sprinkled into it, think about creating designs using your tiles!

1.Chevron: This is a beautiful design that has caught the attention of homeowners and fashionistas alike. They add a vibrant yet sophisticated feel to any room and you can mix and matched colors. Want a rainbow chevron? Go ahead! Desire something more subdued? Go for gold with purple.

2.Big and Little: This tile design could be helpful for those who recently did a renovation and have extra tile pieces that are smaller or of different sizes. They don’t have to just be squares! Try mixing up shapes and sizes to make it a really unique room.

3.Opposite Directions: Switch it up by having a tile deigns within another design. By placing a ‘frame’ around the inner design, guest’s eyes will be immediately directed towards it. You can either keep the same pattern and just flip it 90 degrees, or do a completely different design. Or even do one in a different color to make it pop.

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