Fabulous Fireplace Backsplashes

A living room with a fireplace.

Want a new way to spruce up your fireplace? Do you have extra tiles from when you remolded your kitchen or bathroom? Rather than having a plain brick background for your fireplace, you can create different auras with a backsplash! Depending on the tiles you choose and how you lay them out, it can be a cozy, down to earth fireplace to match your family room, or it can be a sleek and sophisticated area to showcase your possessions in your bedroom. In order to create a fireplace that fits your style, HomeStyler has found some inspiration so you can create your own fireplace backsplash!

A fireplace with a backsplash in a living room.

Here is a great example of a sleek backsplash. With the smooth, shiny surface that flows into the surrounding wood, it all seems like one piece that was made together. This would be great for an office, personal library or a formal living room. Putting the light stone within the context of dark wood also adds an elegant feel.

A modern fireplace with a backsplash in a room with tiled walls.

This is one for those who love to make a statement or want to create height in their home. Depending on where the fireplace is in your home, it can easily be a sleek fireplace or one that’s more laid-back. By placing the tiles in a vertical rather than horizontal format your eyes are instantly drawn to it as it isn’t expected and mimics the flame’s height.

A living room with a fireplace and a mirror.

The us of small tiles varying in shade, as well as being slightly raised from the wall, gives a more home-y feel to the fireplace. When this is coupled with the white-painted wood and lighter wall color, that feeling is further created. This is great for those that may want to experiment with some color. You can keep a few neutral tones in the backsplash while introducing one or two colors from other accents or furniture in the room to add some flair.

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A fireplace with a tiled mantle.

For those that have extra tile or just creative at heart, you can create unique mosaics. Whether you do it by randomly placing tiles like above, or create a picture from them, it is sure to catch your guest’s attention!


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