Shimmering Glass and Crystal Chandeliers for Your Home

Shimmering crystal chandelier hangs over a dining room table.

Take your lighting to the next level with a shimmering work of art.  Chandeliers that glisten and gleam make a statement that conveys elegance.  Glass, crystal and quartz elements reflect light in a way that dazzles.  Glamourous or understated elegance.  Traditional or modern.  Chandeliers are the crowning touch to any room in the home.

A living room with beige furniture and a crystal chandelier.
A shimmering crystal chandelier hangs from the ceiling.
Shimmering glass balls hanging from a chandelier.

Cascading crystals create a dazzling display over the dining room table, in the entryway or as a statement piece in the living area.  This design of chandelier is graceful and works best with high ceilings due to its design.  No matter where this chandelier is placed, it creates drama.  Center it above the dining room table and it’s sure to be a conversation starter.  Make yours a grand entry with the addition of a cascading chandelier in the foyer.

A dining room with beige chairs and a shimmering chandelier.
A living room with a shimmering chandelier and a view of the ocean.
A dining room with a large shimmering glass table and chairs.
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Truly gifted artisans work wonders with glass.  Hand-blown glass sculptures with unique shapes and creative construction make these chandeliers art for the ceiling.  A chandelier like this makes a bold statement in the entrance or main rooms of the home.  The colors and overall beauty of hand-blown glass chandeliers shine above function and transcend the expected.

A shimmering glass chandelier hanging from a chain.
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An orange and yellow glass chandelier hanging on a black background that shimmers.
A dining room with a large table and shimmering crystal chandeliers.

The drum style chandelier is a modern take on traditional designs, creating a contemporary silhouette for understated elegance.  This chandelier is a versatile option for traditional, transitional and contemporary design aesthetics.  The opaque drum shade creates a soft glow from crystals and lights underneath.

A shimmering dining room with a glass table and chairs.

Modern chandeliers take light to a whole new level.  Glass and crystal are transformed into geometric shapes and unexpected designs with an artistic flair.  These wonderfully modern chandeliers are great additions to traditional, contemporary and modern interiors.  Hang one in the living area to elevate and transform the space.  In the dining room, these works of art are the focal point.

A living room with shimmering glass curtains and crystal chandeliers


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A modern dining room with a shimmering chandelier.
A dining room with a crystal chandelier.; Lamp Design Elysee
A modern dining room with a shimmering crystal pendant light.
A dining room with a shimmering glass table.

Glass and crystal chandeliers, in any form, are beautiful and add a touch of elegance and shimmer to any room in the house.  They are statement pieces that go beyond function to art.  The variety is wide, ranging from classic designs and unique artistic interpretations in hand-blown glass to contemporary and modern creations.  Add a little glamour to your home with this jewelry for the ceiling.

A dining room with a large table, shimmering glass, and crystal chandeliers.


Shimmering glass chandelier illuminating a cozy couch in a living room.
Quartz crystal chandelier Prlog.


Shimmering glass balls hanging from a chandelier.
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