Decorating a Room with a View

A living room with a view of the ocean and fireplace.

If you are fortunate enough to live in a home with a view, here are some tips on how to maximize your view and integrate it into your home.  Whether your view is city, mountain, country or water, designing your space to make the most of the natural landscape around you is a priority.

A living room with large windows and a view of the water.
A living room with a view.

If the view is why you live in your home, then what is out your windows should be considered the focal point of the room.  Leave the windows bare if you are not concerned with privacy or hang floor-length panels approximately 10-12” above the window frame to enhance the height of the room as well as the view.  These panels can be drawn at night or when privacy is a necessity.

A living room with hardwood floors, decorated with a room with a view.
Living room in a cabin with a fireplace and mountain views.
Country Home Lamps

Arrange furniture facing the view if possible.  For a large room, a sofa can be placed in the middle, facing the view, with a console table behind it.  Chairs can be placed adjacent to the sofa for a seating area that is open to the view.

A living room with a view of the city, decorated with a modern touch.
Decorating a dining room with a view of the city.
Amy Seminski Designer
A room with large windows, perfect for decorating with a city view.

Minimal accessorizing is needed when the city, country, mountains or water is your focal point.  Fewer distractions are best for this type of view.  On the other hand, the view can serve as a magnificent backdrop for a major piece of art work.

A living room with large windows and white furniture, designed to showcase panoramic views.
A living room with a large window providing a view of the mountains.
Interiordeisgn4, Elegant Interior Design by Marie

When it comes to a cityscape at night, the peaks of majestic mountains, a peaceful wooded landscape or ocean waves, inspiration is not far away.  Blend your interiors into the outdoors view or create a space that doesn’t compete.  Keep colors to a minimum with a neutral palette or use colors from what is in front of you out the window.

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Decorating a living room with a city view.
A living room with an ocean view.
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Decorating a living room with a view of the ocean.
A living room with a flat screen tv and a view overlooking the ocean.
Cindy Ray Interiors Inc.
Decorating a living room with a city view.


Whether your view is the focal point or the backdrop, taking inspiration from outside your windows is the first step to maximizing what is in front of you.  Sit back, relax and enjoy the view!


A living room with a view of the ocean and decorating.
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