Backyard Structures for Entertaining

An outdoor living area with a pergola and a pool, perfect for backyard entertaining.

As warm weather approaches, we begin to move our entertaining outdoors.  You can enhance your outdoor space with backyard structures for entertaining, such as a pergola or gazebo.  These structures not only look great but they offer shelter from various outdoor elements, making entertaining outdoors that much more enjoyable.

A wooden gazebo perfect for backyard entertaining.
A gazebo for entertaining (backyardbuildings)
A white pergola, suitable for backyard entertaining.
A pergola set for al fresco dining (
A house with a pergola for backyard entertaining.
A patio pergola adds interest and shade (backyardamerica)

A pergola can offer partial shade and can be installed on the patio, deck or elsewhere in the yard.  Planting vines around the pergola can enhance its garden appeal and provide even deeper shade once the vines mature.  Blooming vines such as wisteria and clematis are especially nice structure accents.

A stone patio with a wooden pergola, perfect for backyard entertaining.
A pergola off the patio (landscapingnetwork)
A backyard pergola adorned with wisteria, perfect for entertaining.
Wisteria vine enhances this pergola (pixgood)
A wooden gate with purple flowers leading to a backyard garden perfect for entertaining.
A pergola adorned with clematis welcomes to the garden (danlve via Pinterest)
An outdoor living area with a pergola perfect for backyard entertaining.
Stonework accents this pergola for an outdoor seating area (juxtapost)

Pergolas can be an accent structure for a walkway, surround a fence gate, or the base for a swing.  This is a wonderful way to add extra charm to a garden and offer guests a fresh entrance to the party.

A backyard swing bed with pillows for entertaining.
A pergola gives structure for this swing (pinterest)
A wooden trellis in a backyard garden.
A pergola adds structure to the backyard garden (mdandsonsllc)

A gazebo is a charming garden structure that can provide a great space for entertaining.  It can house a seating area or surround an outdoor kitchen.  The gazebo can be screened in for protection against insects during the summer.  Dining al fresco is a must with the addition of a gazebo.  You can hold an outdoor dinner party with peace of mind that guests are comfortable.

A gazebo in a garden, perfect for backyard entertaining.
A traditional gazebo offers grace to the garden (
A gazebo in a grassy area, perfect for backyard entertaining.
A screened in gazebo offers protection from insects (
A backyard gazebo for entertaining purposes.
Gazebo perfect for entertaining (

The great advantage of backyard structures for entertaining is that you can easily decorate them.  String lights, streamers and other party decorations can be hung from the pergola and gazebo to create a festive atmosphere.

A wooden pergola with a fire pit and grill, perfect for backyard entertaining.
Lights and hanging plants add ambiance to this pergola
A wooden gazebo for entertaining in the backyard at night.
A great scene for outdoor entertaining (shedsbuilding)

You can enhance the everyday appearance of pergolas and gazebos by hanging sheer curtains.  You can tie them to the posts or let them blow in the breeze.  Spruce up the area with seasonal plantings and blooming bushes.  Create a room inside the structures for everyday enjoyment.

Warehouse to Home Conversion – Urban Living
A backyard patio with a gazebo for entertaining.
Sheers add softness to this outdoor structure (
A gazebo for entertaining in the middle of a garden.
A gazebo accented with plants (felmiatika)
A wooden swing set in a grassy area perfect for backyard entertainment.
A simple garden structure for everyday enjoyment (gardenstructuresandmore)

Adding structures to your backyard can enhance entertaining, add visual interest and allow you and your guests to relax in comfort.  The pergola and gazebo bring extra panache to your backyard party and provide year-long everyday enjoyment.


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