Six Beautiful Garden Designs for Your Kitchen Garden

A row of kitchen-garden bamboo rafts with vegetables growing on them.

The objective of your garden is the compass that directs you to rejuvenation and enriching the kitchen garden. Is your focus on maintaining your garden’s aesthetic value while obtaining produce or maximizing the garden’s produce?  Depending on your response, you can design the layout of your garden according to the following amazing designs.

Tomatoes growing in a kitchen garden.

Multi-bed Garden Layout design

A Kitchen garden fence.

This design is amazing because you get to incorporate multiple beds in your kitchen garden. This design allows you to grow variety of the same plant or different plants in separate beds. It maximizes profit and looks amazing in your backyard.

Pallet Garden Design

A watering can in a kitchen garden.

This design is suitable for small size gardening. You use a raised bed then you put a pallet at the backside. You plant a single vegetable variety in each portion. The pallet acts as a support for vegetables like tomatoes.

Raised Bed Garden Design

A tree in the middle of a large field.

The soil is enclosed in a bed which is made of wood or concrete. This soil is raised above the surrounding soil and you can add compost to enrich your plants. This design is easy to maintain.

Square Foot Garden Design

A group of seedlings in paper cups on a table in a Kitchen Garden.

This design entails dividing your bed into small squares. You will plant different plants in each square foot. This design helps you plan your kitchen garden wisely and maximize using the bed. Once you harvest vegetables from a particular square, you can plant a different type.

The Flower/Vegetable Design

A woman in a hat is standing in a sunflower field.

This is a beautiful kitchen garden where you plant different vegetables at the center of your garden and flowers on the edges. Sunflower is ideal at the end of the vegetable garden and you can plant marigold on the sides.  Your garden maintains aesthetic value.

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Companion Layout Design

A pink flower is growing in a kitchen garden.

Here you will design your kitchen garden, planting companion plants in close quarters. Companion plants have a symbiotic relationship. They blossom when planted together. For example corns and beans.

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