String lights: 5 Ways to Add Fairy Lights to a Bedroom

Bedroom string lights are not just a source of light.  Apart from brightening your sleeping space, the use of different tones or colors can help set different moods depending on your needs.

But that’s just a drop in the ocean, lighting can also add décor and design your bedroom. And to some weirdos, it is the perfect way to add elements of fantasy and make their sleeping areas look dreamier.

A bedroom with white sheets and string lights.

String lights (or fairy lights), in particular, are a rare twist, and a perfect way to achieve more design and appeal out of a little effort.

Another advantage you get is the endless list of styles, colors and all sorts of twists you’ll love by the end of this post.

Choosing String lights for you Bedroom

A girl's bedroom with a green and blue color scheme decorated with string lights.

A bedroom with a bedside table and string lights.

The best fairy lights for your bedroom depends on personal needs which narrows down to things like;

  1. Size of bulb
  2. Type of bulb
  3. Bulb color
  4. Bulb warmth
  5. Your preferred placement, whether you plan to place them on the wall or hang them over your head.
  6. String light Design
  7. Extra features such as automatic on/off, water-resistance, blink or steady, and so on.

A bedroom with string lights hanging over a bed.

Other factors like the length of the string may also determine whether you choose one over another.

Your Bedroom String Lights Options

A bedroom adorned with fairy lights.

So what are some options for a bedroom fairy lights project? Well, you can try several creative designs but you’ll definitely find these 5 interesting.

1. Curtains fairy or string lights

A bedroom adorned with fairy lights and pictures.

One idea for bedroom string lights is to install long window-height to floor fairy lights.

These designs borrow their names from curtains because they resemble string curtains and are a creative way to engage your empty bedroom walls.

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Again, options are endless when it comes to color, warmth, style and more.

2. Lantern or globe string lights for overhead lighting

A bedroom with string lights illuminating a bed covered in white curtains.

If you want to blend with rustic-style lighting or welcome the old-school to your bedroom then lantern-type or globe-style string-lights won’t disappoint.

These designs stand out, especially, if you are after medium-sized or large bulbs. They  look even better if hanged overhead.

3. Wall string lights

A cozy bedroom featuring a bed adorned with string lights.

Wall string lights hang on walls like curtains, but you can place them across or arrange them to resemble hanging lines.

They are better at occupying walls than curtain designs so they are the perfect choice if you’re looking to decorate a large area.

4. Multicolor fairy lights

A bedroom with lights hanging over the bed.

Some bedroom string lights come with the beauty of multiple colors if different shades mean different moods to you.

Some change color and glow steady while others blink. The best versions offer both options for a complete lighting experience.

5. Photo Clip Fairy Lights

A white canopy bed in a bedroom with string lights.

Two pictures of a bedroom wall with string lights on it.

Another way to add bedroom string lights is to use those that allow you to hang pictures that bring back different memories.

Photo clip fairy lights are naturally decorative and an excellent way to prove that string lights can do more than light up a room.




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