5 Things You Need to Include When Creating the Perfect Kitchen Island

Everyone has that one thing that they would want in their perfect kitchen. Sometimes it’s a particular stove, or a double oven, or a cotton candy spinner. But there are five things which take your basic kitchen island to the next level. In fact, when including these 5 elements, we’re pretty sure you’ll have the perfect kitchen island. 

1. Get that second kitchen sink.

The phrase goes “everything but the kitchen sink” but we think that you should include it. Or even better, double the sinks in the kitchen. This is a huge benefit, especially with busy families and their hobbies. Many times, the kitchen sink is full by the end of the day anyway, so using it is cumbersome and unwieldy. The addition of a second sink frees up the main sink from craft messes, as well as protecting the finish of that main sink—where this second one could be used more roughly. And if you choose to drink from it, make sure to add a water filter underneath the sink, Brita has created a new filter featuring their Brita reverse osmosis, so many homes are adding that to their wish list too. 

2. Add open space under one side. 

Choose the side with more air space and take out those cabinet doors. You can do an open-air storage space, complete with hanging features on the inside or organization shelves. The best versions of these have hanging hooks from the top of the cabinet, because it helps circulate air around the pans. This air circulation is important because it ensures a better drying time, but also a more professional and fluid moving kitchen. We find that people who utilize hanging items have an easier time reaching them and implementing them faster than those who use traditional shelving methods. If, however, you do not want to drill upward into your countertop, we would then suggest checking out Amazon for over the sink drying racks, as they provide the same function without permanently changing the island. 

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3. Add a central heating element on one side. 

Your perfect island should include an optional heating element. Sometimes our stove tops are just too small to contain all of the elements we need to heat. And while Croc-pots have a undeniable place in all of our hearts, are you really going to buy eight of them to warm up everything in time for dinner? That’s unrealistic and expensive, even if you were to find most of them at a second-hand store. Instead, have a heating element installed on top of a portion of your counter. It can be traditional gas or electric, but either way you’ll need it. Then, to protect it and your family, make sure to have a stove-cover created to go over the top. Stove-covers are typically wood, stained and finished, with handles on the top or sides so you can move it easily. What’s more, is that it can become another place for prep work or as a mobile serving table. 

4. Economize space on the top.

Most people get kitchen islands for the extra counter space, and you can maximize the space available to you by using stove-covers (if you’re adding a stove) or adding a sink cover (if you’re adding a sink). What’s more, is you can also buy organization pieces from online which can lift a large amount of clutter off the island. Clean islands with nothing on them are beautiful, but not realistic for families and busy people. Things get put in the wrong place for latter, and as long as we recognize that, we can pick items to help us contain it. 

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5. Add a removable workstation. 

These are some of the best things you can add to your kitchen island project. A lot of people think that a workstation is as simple as a cutting board that can be moved around. That’s not what we have in mind here. Rather, you should consider creating an inset area for your new workstation. Cutting out a section of your countertop will allow for there to be a workstation slid into the open area. This means that just like you (should) change out your cutting boards between fish, fruit, vegetables, and meats, you would also be able to do this with the workstation. And if you install it next to your new sink, all you need to do for cleanup is tilt it up and aim the water. 

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