6 Organizing Tips for Beauty Junkies and All Their Products

With the beauty and skincare routine dominating a large sector of the wellness industry for the last several years, many people, and you are likely one of them, consider themselves not just product enthusiasts but Beauty Junkies. There’s also a good chance if you are an enthusiast, you are a fan of all things beautiful, which means keeping your products organized and tidy is important to you – that doesn’t mean it comes easily, however! If you’re looking for ways to keep all your favorite products tucked away and organized and your home beautiful, keep reading for the best organizing tips for your overflowing product collection. 

Purchase a Vanity

If you have room in your home or apartment to invest in a vanity, this is one of the most beautiful ways to keep your collection organized and within reach. When we have too many products that we can’t see, the adage out of sight, out of mind takes place, and sometimes we don’t even get to use products because we can’t even remember where we put them. A vanity piece is a classic way to display your products artfully and sit comfortably as you apply them. 

Display Perfumes on Your Dressers

Our perfumes and colognes that we spritz on every day are part of our signature style, and many people have entire collections of fragrances that they wear depending on their mood, their outfit, and of course, the season. While you likely reach for your Chanel Number Five during the fall and winter and your Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue in the spring and summer, you can artfully display your beautiful bottles on a mirrored tray atop your dresser. Not only do the bottles act as a decor piece, but spritzing on in your bedroom always leaves your sleeping space smelling phenomenal.

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Get a Lazy Susan

Whether you wear a full face of makeup every day and have many products like foundation, lipstick or blush and bronzer needed for that reason, or your morning and evening skincare routine is highly detailed, a lazy Susan is an easy way to keep everything organized, within reach, and visible. Whether you put it on your bathroom counter, vanity, or nightstand, keep the Lazy Susan somewhere convenient and stock it with your go-to products. You’re likely reaping the benefits of one in your kitchen, so use one creatively to organize and display your beauty products. 

Extended Shower Caddies

Perhaps you’re not a makeup girl; perhaps you’re more into your body and facial skin care routines and spend a lot of time in the shower. If this sounds like you investing in an extended shower caddy can make a world of difference, having all the products you want and need at the tip of your fingers, and you can use them at different points during your week for their different purposes. Some shower caddies are even adjustable, so you can change their height and length and even remove parts of them during different seasons of your product usage.

Acrylic Containers

Acrylic has been having a moment in home decor for the last few years, from dining chairs and end tables to acrylic picture frames being the latest hot decor item on the market. When it comes to your makeup, skincare, and hair care products, storing them in clear, acrylic containers is not only on trend, but you can have full visibility of what you own, making finding the product you want or need a breeze. Even if you live in a 100-year-old farmhouse, this modern twist on organization works no matter your home’s existing decor.

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DIY Some Things

Upcycling or DYing products to store your beauty essentials saves you money and adds the personalization that makes every house a home. From upcycling used candle jars to store your makeup brushes to using old picture ledges to store your nail polish collection, there are countless ways that you can get creative to store your items. If you’re working on a serious budget, you could visit the dollar store and buy ice cube trays to contain your individual eyeshadow or blush palettes; truly, the sky’s the limit!

There’s nothing wrong with being a collector – from art to makeup and body care, but keeping things beautiful is essential in your living space. Utilize the above organizing tips to keep your products in place and your house beautiful. 

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