Home Cleaning Tips That You Can Steal From the Pros

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Are you someone that can’t stand to see a cup out of place on the counter or magazines in disarray? Do you cringe when you see streaky windows or dusty shelves? Perhaps you find cleaning therapeutic. Whatever the case may be, your home needs to be cleaned at some point. To make your job a bit easier, we are revealing a few home cleaning tips you can steal from the pros.

 Be prepared

Make sure you have your cleaning arsenal easily accessible. This includes cleaning products, microfiber cloths, a broom, or a Swiffer. Rather than having dozens of different cleaning products, try to use multipurpose cleaners so that you will always have what you need in stock. If you have a double story house, then make your life easier and load up a cleaning caddy to keep on each level. You’ll then be more inclined to dust and tidy in shorter spurts. 


Clutter can make your house seem messy, even when it isn’t. It also means more time dusting and moving things around when you want to vacuum and scrub. Taking the time to declutter at least twice a year will help to free up your home from unnecessary items. Those of you with kids should take this tip to heart before the pile of toys gets overwhelming.  

Keep it clean

Cleaning and tidying as you go will make a significant dent in the time it takes to do your chores over the weekend. Clean the kitchen counters, sweep the floors, dust, and hang up your clothes. Spending 20 minutes every evening cleaning adds up to hours of extra free time later on where you can do something you enjoy. It also means that your house will be presentable if you have unexpected visitors. 

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One room at a time

How often do you look at your home and start cleaning, only to flop down on the couch feeling defeated? It can be overwhelming to tackle cleaning the entire house in one go.

If you focus your energy and attention on cleaning one room at a time, then you will start to feel a genuine sense of accomplishment. This alone will motivate you to maintain order in that room and get onto the next room. 

Hire a cleaning service

If you’re finding it difficult to keep your home neat, tidy, and organized on your own,  you can hire a professional cleaner to come in once or twice a month for a more thorough scrub. The cost of maid services can be surprisingly reasonable, and you can request that they focus on the tasks that you tend to avoid. Alternatively, many cleaning services offer a thorough one-time spring cleaning service if you don’t want regular visits.  

Professional cleaners can have a home looking in tip-top condition in a fraction of the time that you might need. They know how to order their tasks and what tools are required in order to get the job done right.

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