Marble-effect tiles: Tiles for a breathtaking ambiance

A bathroom with marble-effect tiles on the floors and walls.

Once upon a time, wealthy people expressed their prosperity with the mirror-smooth surface of finely polished marble. Even today, the natural material creates a luxurious and at the same time individual and modern atmosphere. Floor, wall, and ceiling tiles with marble-effect give you the possibility to create a breathtaking ambiance and at the same time, they provide a robust and easy-to-clean covering. Find out more about the timelessly beautiful marble-effect tiles, their properties, and special features.

Harmonious living design for an individual style

Marble tiles were and are a classic floor covering that is timelessly beautiful and really long-lasting. Marble-effect tiles combine the advantages of the noble natural materials looks and are at the same time inexpensive, easy to install, and clean. That’s why they lay the foundation for a harmonious living design, and are perfect in any room of a house or apartment.

Marble-effect tiles set modern and timeless accents in the kitchen, bathroom, hallway, and living room. The marble stone fits the trend of luxury and opulence, but also the much sought-after design with individual style. Modern production processes make it possible for a marble-effect tile to be almost indistinguishable from “real” marble today.

The marble tiles develop their full effect in combination with noble color combinations, such as decorative items in gold or opulent fabrics in rich red tones and softly colored earth and pastel shades. But they can also be used to give simple design schemes a redefined touch. There are no limits to interior design creativity.

The trendy marble-effect tile is a perfect choice because the natural-looking material is available in many colors and shapes. They come in small formats, but even lovers of large tiles and cut-to-size pieces will find the right format. Combinations with wood-effect tiles and colorful ceramics are possible as well. The marble look also comes into its own with wooden floorboards or when used as a wall tile.

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Thanks to its properties, the versatile natural stone fits both into a homely ambiance and into a living concept with clear lines and cool colors. Combinations with wood achieve a cozy visual effect and cultivate the country house style. With additional natural stone elements, you can create even create a Mediterranean ambiance. There are no limits to your design ideas for the kitchen and bathroom, terrace, and living room.

Naturalness, the finest quality, and easy-care

 Appearance is important, of course – but not only. Tiles with marble-effect in particular have a number of practical features that make them quite popular. One of the biggest advantages is that they are water repellant. With impregnated marble tiles, liquids literally roll off them and are easy to wipe off. The water absorption is only is tiny. Natural materials such as wood and stone “live”: some fans think that a stone floor even looks perfect only with patina. With “real” marble tiles, matt running roads or occasional dull spots and scratches can occur over time. Not so with marble-effect tiles. They can withstand much more wear and tear so that superficial scratches are extremely rare.

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