The Best Trees to Plant in Your Back Garden

The Best Trees to Plant in Your Back Garden.

Trees add style, aesthetic value, color, and privacy to your backyard. Though maintaining trees requires sincere effort and time, they are worth having in your yard. But does the thought of proper tree maintenance stress you out? Don’t worry! Canopy tree professional services will help you with tree pruning, trimming, and other tree-related services. 

It is essential to choose the right tree for the landscape. Are you confused about which trees to plant in your backyard? Check out the list of some of the best trees that you can plant in your back garden.


A dogwood tree will make your backyard look beautiful and gorgeous throughout the year.  It flowers during spring in the form of pink, white, and red blossoms. It also has a lush and compact canopy of foliage in the summer season. Most of the dogwood varieties display red foliage in the fall before they drop leaves. They have attractive branching in the winters. 

Saucer Magnolia 

It is an artificial hybrid that is made up of two different types of magnolia trees. Saucer magnolia is embodied with saucer-shaped, pinking-purple flowers in the early spring. It will be no less than a showstopper in your backyard. The ornamental plant is a bushy tree that grows 20 to 30 feet tall. It is suitable for almost any back garden.

Sugar Maple 

Do you wish to add color to the back garden? If yes, then sugar maple is a perfect choice. The tree grows up to 60-75 feet tall and boasts a canopy. The canopy is exceptionally beautiful in the autumn. 

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Sugar maple is a shade providing and ornamental tree, making it an attractive addition to the backyard. The tree is one of the most loved, known to glorify the back garden.

Silver Maple

If you want a shady retreat in the back garden, then sliver maple will make it possible in as little as five years. The tree has got its name from the sliver undersides of the leaves. These also give a shimmering sliver appearance to the tree in the breeze. Silver maple also has a large trunk with a vast root system. Owing to this, do not plant the tree near walkways and sewer lines.

Green Giant Arborvitae

As the name suggests, green giant arborvitae is a giant plant with a beautiful conical shape. It is famous as a privacy screen between yards and houses in housing subdivisions. The tree is extraordinarily hardy and tolerates any kind of soil. It is ideal for a hedge, a screen, or as a single species in the back garden.

American Holly

American holly is a broadleaf evergreen pyramid-shaped tree. It grows 15-50 feet tall, having red berries and green, leathery leaves with sharp points. The plant delivers privacy and enhances your backyard’s beauty and aesthetics. 

Small and white springtime blooms turn to red berries during the fall. These remain throughout the year. American holly attracts birds and small creatures to the back garden.

Eastern Redbud

The eastern redbud has purplish-pink flowering in the winter. The tree’s branching pattern makes the tree as beautiful during the rest of the year as it is in the winters. It grows 20-30 feet tall and spreads up to 30-foot. It makes a spellbound display in the backyard. The tree adapts to a variety of soils as long as they do not get wet permanently.  

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Tulip Tree

The tulip tree has remarkable tulip-shaped flowers in the spring and gorgeous yellow leaves in the fall. It is a shade providing and ornamental tree in the backyard. It is a fast-growing hardwood that grows more than two feet in a year. It is preferably grown in sunny locations that have moisture-rich soil that drains well. The tree starts growing pyramid-shaped and matures to become an arching dome. The tree’s branches get skinny and weak in low-light places.

Weeping Cherry

The weeping cherry is an ornamental tree that has spectacular pink or white spring flowers. Their elegant and weeping branches make them attractive and enjoyable all year round. They are easy to grow, and a well-cared weeping cherry grows 1-2 feet per year. It puts on fresh green leaves each year and blooms to the fullest in the spring.

Final words

Every one of us dreams of having a beautiful backyard with trees that grant shade, beauty, and privacy. The above trees will give the best look to the back garden. It would help if you chose the tree wisely based on your landscape and backyard area. With this, you will have a wonderful backyard to cherish for a lifetime. 

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