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A man is pruning a tree.

There is no question in knowing that how much trees are important to mankind and nature. No one can imagine earth without trees. The earth will look barren without trees and if there will be no trees that means there will be no life on earth. It will only be called a planet of a solar system like any other planet where life does not exist.

It’s a well-known fact that how much trees are important for the survival of humans as well as animals. There are innumerable benefits that a tree can provide to mankind. They are not there in the nature for mere aesthetic purpose. Their importance cannot be thought only for beauty purpose. Trees do have certain other benefits that are very important to human beings like social, environmental, and economic benefits for years to come.

Environmental Benefits

Trees provide oxygen and purify air to breathe and takes up carbon dioxide released by us to manufacture their own food. It also helps in checking soil erosion, conservation of water, attracting rain, climate amelioration and also prevents flood. Trees and forests are a natural habitat for various wild life species.

Social Benefits

People do enjoy the beauty of nature and trees around them and they feel relaxed and stress when in the company of trees. They make people happy and releases all the tension and problem when they come near the nature or sit around trees.

Community Benefits

Trees on public as well as private property give benefits to the people of society. People walk in park with trees as it provides pure air and serene beauty which relaxes their mind and body. Trees on a private property help in highlighting and increasing the view and also provides privacy from outsiders. They even reduce noise pollution and glare and add up to the aesthetic value of the property.

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Economic Benefits

Property that is laden with beautiful landscape add up to the economic value of the property. Trees also provide cooling and effect in summers and winters and shade that can help in cutting down the cost of electricity for cooling and heating purpose.

We all get ourselves groomed at beauty salons by getting our hairs trimmed, by getting our hands and feet manicured and pedicured. We even get our nails trimmed and shaped to enhance our physical beauty. In the same way trees also need grooming in the form of trimming and pruning.

Benefits of Trimming and Pruning

Never in your wildest dream think that trimming and pruning simply means chopping off some extra branches from the trees. It has a wider prospect and the procedure of trimming and pruning should be carried on a regular basis to keep your trees healthy and well groomed. It also helps in the increased production of flower and fruits along with healthy growth because of the removal of diseased and damaged branches(limbs) and thus increasing its beauty and aesthetic value. Trimming should be done at the right time and in a right manner to keep the tree healthy. Over pruning and trimming should be avoided. All these parameters of trimming and pruning are taken care by Smith’s Tree Service providers while doing the procedure. Another provider you might contact are The Local Tree Experts.

Reasons to Trim and Prune

Sight Line and Safety

It is often seen that growth of branches in irregular directions results in blocking or obstructing the view for the drivers of that lane or street or it may block your view from the window that you use to take outside view. Some times diseased and infected branches also pose a threat as it may fall easily and damage the property as well as human lives. To safeguard all these issues trimming should be carried out by certified arborist and Smith’s Tree Service are equipped with the best arborists who gives your trees the best possible care while trimming and ensure that your trees grows out into a healthy tree for years.

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Thick and heavily packed branches often block the sunlight reaching the ground and natural flora growing under the tree and hinder and slowdown their growth. Trimming on a regular basis ascertain that adequate amount of sunlight reaches the ground to avoid dampness. Moreover, it also enhances the outside view that you can see from your property or house. The arborists at Smith’s Tree Service thin down the trees in such a manner that enough sunlight reaches the ground and accelerates the growth of flora under the tree.

Health of the Tree

Extra or overgrowth of anything affects the overall health of anything. Extra growth sometimes weakens the limbs of the tree and results in diseased infested branches. To restore the health of the tree it is often advised to trim it on a regular basis. This will end up in a much healthier and a strong tree  


Sometimes the branches of the tree grow so much that it starts interfering with the electricity and overhead wires over the roads and roofs of your houses. This pose a great threat to life so the branches should be trimmed to avoid any kind of accidents.


Due to some unseen and unstoppable natural disasters like storms and cyclones he dedicates team of Smith’sTree Service is available to provide emergency trimming of trees round the clock 24×7 that have fallen down and obstruct the way for vehicles to move or may have damaged the houses.

Aesthetics and Looks

A person looks untidy and unkempt when his hair and beard grow long and has not gone trimming for a long time. This stands true for a tree also. Trimming is like a haircut which enhances the look of a tree and it appears well groomed. Because of proper trimming the overall appeal and look of the tree gets enhanced. The well trained at Smith’s Tree Service can trim and shape your trees to better fit into the landscape and add aesthetic value to the property.

A Treehouse Castle

Trimming and Pruning changes the overlook of the tree so it should be done meticulously to avoid any discomfort to the tree.

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