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Keeping your house clean and free of clutter is one of the biggest challenges of mothers, especially if you’ve got kids and other responsibilities. Sometimes, it seems almost like there’s nothing you can do to stop your house from getting messed up. 

For most people, the lack of knowledge on what to do or how to do it could make all the difference. That’s why we have blogs. Finding the right cleaning blog could set you apart in your quest to create an organized home.

I’m an Organizing Junkie

This blog might have a name that strikes a lot of people as being weird, but it’s truly a great helping tool for people looking to keep their houses in order all the time. Perhaps the name was just a marketing gimmick, or the administrator is a junkie for organization. 

Launched by Laura Wittman, I’m an Organizing Junkie is one of the largest resources for family-oriented living and budget-friendly cleaning and organization solutions. On the About page, Laura clearly explains that organization isn’t always about living in a home that’s straight out of a real estate magazine. Sometimes, all you need to do is practice a few simple steps daily to save you time, money, and energy you need to keep your home clean in the long run. 

The blog also has organizing challenges and other inspiring sections, which help keep readers hooked and provides them with practical steps to ensure that they always achieve optimal cleanliness. 

A Clean Home is one of those blogs that offer a lot of insights for homeowners that are desperate to get things right. There’s nothing wrong with keeping a focused gaze, as long as you get your audience and message right. Well, this blog does that perfectly. 

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From providing advice on how to maintain the cleanliness and orderliness of your house, A Clean Home goes on to bring you in contact with the tools you’ll need to pull this off. Blog administrator Susan Carmichael reviews some of the best cleaning tools and home equipment on the market, thus helping readers to make informed decisions and save time when they want to make certain purchases.   

As the blog itself states, “When your environment is clean, you feel happy, motivated, and healthy.” They do a pretty good job of helping you on that front. 

Declutter Home

The name of this blog just about says all you need to know about it; if you have a home that’s being constantly packed with clutter and trash, this is one place you want to visit to help solve that issue. 

Tanya Lea, a professional organizer, started this page as a means of taking her decluttering and sorting skills from her little part of the world to as many people as possible. Whether you’re looking for a cleaning solution that will help keep your house or office clean and you don’t have many options left, log on to Declutter Home, and you’ll be amazed at how much help you can get. 

Tanya lends her wealth of experience in cleaning and organization to readers through this platform, sharing tips and tricks picked up over a career spanning decades. Her cleaning tips are practical and easy, and you can also find tips to help you get through various seasons round the year; now, that’s something worth looking at. From the living room and kitchen to the bedroom and even the attic, Tanya covers it all; even some of the stuff you wouldn’t normally think about.  

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A Proud Home

To get a proper understanding of what A Proud Home does, you need to think a little bit beyond just cleaning. A Proud Home provides a healthy link between maintaining a clean home and living a healthier life, and it goes on to give you tips on how to achieve both. 

Whether it’s cleaning homes and maintaining your garden to uncovering the secrets of cleaning jobs that can help you lose calories, A Proud Home has it all. Then, as stated earlier, the blog goes beyond just having a clean home; administrators provide tips on other life aspects such as shopping, preparing a decoration list for Christmas, and the best recipes to follow at every season of the year. 

Moral Fibers

Moral Fibers is for the mum who wants to keep her home clean, but might not have so much in the way of financial resources. It provides easy and pocket-friendly tips for cleaning, while also keeping the mission focused on real, effective results.

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