Different Ways to Improve Your Living Room with Wallpapers

A living room with a grey couch.

The living room represents the heart of the building. It is the place where you will spend most of your time when you are at home. Your living room should offer a conducive environment. It should be attractive to the eye; a sight that elevates your mood after a long tiresome day.

So, how can one enhance the outlook of their living rooms? Well, there are many ways to tackle this issue. One of them being the use of wallpapers. The idea of decorating homes with wallpapers is as old as time itself. It is the simplest option yet with the most impact. This article will vividly illustrate how you can add a mind-soothing and attractive appearance to your living room, just by using simple wallpapers.

Go Floral

Bring the splendor of the tropics or meadow lands into your living room with wallpapers depicting the green jungles. These wallpapers will give your living room a soft subtle touch, one that will leave you in awe every time you set foot into the room. Tropical wallpapers instantly transform your living room into an earthly paradise. The vibrancy associated with the floral/tropical wallpapers best suits rooms whose walls have a white backdrop.

A living room with flowers on the wall.

Match it up

Tough it sounds old-fashioned and an option only for the oldies, this form of wallpapering has gained lots of popularity recently. It is now a darling for most celebrities. The idea of matching bold wallpapers with furniture gives the living room a refreshing and impact touch. It instantly removes any mundane sight associated with undecorated walls. With this style, one just needs to purchase a wallpaper that matches the fabric of the couches.

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A pink and white living room.

Light It with Bright Colors

Take a step away from the time tested and tried neutral colors. Try something different. Go for the allure of a classic orange and blue living room. Let your room burst in bright colors. Many say bright colors are too feminine, however, that is not true. A brightly colored living room will be a welcoming sight to every family member and friends.

A pink and green living bedroom with striped walls.

With this style, remember to mirror the wallpaper outlook on the furnishing. They do not necessarily have to share an identical color. The furnishings can have a different shade of the same color. Neutral colors such as white can be used to demarcate different sections of bold colors.

Try the Past, Go Retro

Bring the touch of the ’70s into your living room. It never gets old. Retro wallpapers have the capacity to transform and brighten your living room. There is no need to invest in expensive art and lighting. Retro designer wallpapers have everything. Also, with retro designs, one does not need to go for expensive furnishings. Traditional and vintage furnishings such as the gentleman’s armchair and mid-century sofas can be used.

A living room with chairs and a movie clap wall mural.

Employ Creativity

Bring a dramatic feel into your living room with creative and theatrical wallpapers. Let the wallpaper artwork define and complement a certain space within your living room. Additionally, you can frame the wallpaper in such a way that it creates a conversation. You can further add some more creativity and nostalgia to these wallpapers by pinning your own photos to the wallpapers.

A spacious living room adorned with elegant gold leaf accents on the walls.

Make It the Focal Point

Use wallpaper to create a feature wall. One that draws one’s attention. For this purpose, you have the freedom of either going bold or subtle. You just need to ensure that there are no rival focal points which your eye is naturally drawn to. The wallpaper should be hanged on a wall behind a TV or a fireplace in order to chaos will ensue due to different focal points existing in the same room.

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Wallpapering is an art. It transforms the interior designs of our homes. A living room without the wallpapers is almost inhabitable. In order to have an attractive living room, one that entices the eyes and soothes the mind, wallpapers are a necessity.


It is time to get ideas. Wallpaper adds texture and interest to the wall. Different brands now produce wallpaper, so it’s easy to decide on which one to choose on the market when it comes to creating perfectly combination. Always find more appealing colors that you love to see. You can start by decorating just a small portion of the wall before gaining the confidence in tackling the entire wall.

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