8 Tips to Help You Sell Your Home Fast

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1. Use Online Marketing

Most buyers start their search for a new home online. A proper listing will help sell your home in Pennsylvania. That can mean several things, including great pictures, shooting a video, and more. 

List Your House for Sale

There are tons of property listing websites where you can put your house up for sale free of charge. Spend some time for listing your property with attractive photos and detailed, appealing descriptions. Tell about all the benefits of your houseboth positive features of your home itself and neighborhood highlights such as amenities and entertainment opportunities. 

Quality Photographs

A Trulia.com study found that listings with more than six pictures are twice as likely to be viewed. However, not any picture will do your home its justice. In fact, a blurry and poorly-lit photo can turn potential buyers away.

To avoid this, Pixel Studio Productions, the professional real estate photographers from Houston, TX, advise taking photos from an angle that mimics the viewer taking a tour of the property and including the majority of a room in the same shot. 

For outdoor images, the experts suggest capturing all the features and landscape to achieve a more appealing result. You can also include pictures of the neighborhood and nearby areas in your listing.


As an additional means of promotion, post a video on YouTube about how much you love your home. Talk about your life there and show the interior, exterior, and the neighborhood. This will help prospective buyers see themselves having a great life there too. Share the video on Facebook and your other social media profiles as well. ask your friends and followers to share it too. If your post gets shared, it may reach a potential buyer and this will help you sell your home fast.

Social Media

Share the news about selling your house on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites. Ask your friends and followers who live in the same location to share your post with their friends. Find groups on Facebook where people can advertise the sale of their properties for free.

2. Get Help From Your Neighbors

If you have great neighbors, invite them to your open house. Let them help sell the property to someone they like. Have your neighbors help choose their neighbors! Have them spread the word that your home is on the market, too.

3. Leave Nice Items Behind

This can include really nice furniture or new flat-screen televisions. Think of something out of the buyer’s price range. Covering closing costs does not stand out anymore. If you want to stand out to buyers, you have to consider expensive yet neutral items that they would like but can’t necessarily afford to buy themselves. This will help you stand out from other houses on the market.

4.  Make Sure Your Home is in Outstanding Condition

A lot of local markets feature a lot of foreclosures and short sales. A way to stand out is to fix all the little things that might be wrong with your home. Fix the door handle if it needs it, paint rooms, get new fixtures, and treat for pests. All these things will stand out to a potential buyer, but know that most of them will be hiring a home inspector regardless. Make sure anything that would come up in a home inspection is taken care of before you start showing the house.

5.  Enhance Your Curb Appeal

Nothing is more important than the first impression. Think about what the buyer will feel pulling up to your house for the very first time. Look at your house objectively and think about if it really looks clean and well-kept, especially for someone who does not live there. Consider painting the exterior of your house in Vancouver or at least staging nice yard furniture outside. Things like planting flowers, replacing the mailbox or a new front door can really help sell your listing. Make sure the lawn is always mowed, as well. Here is a list of additional exterior improvements suggested by the Houston professionals from the leading American real estate company Keller Williams Realty that you can use to improve prospective buyers’ first impression of the house.

6. Set a Realistic Price

Have your agent compare homes in your area that have sold in the past month and consider going below the average price. There may still be a bidding war if you get multiple offers. 

People often think they should price their home high and then lower it as time goes on. The first 30 days your house is on the market is when it will generally get the most activity. Have a realistic price from the beginning. Professional property investors from the national home buying company House Cashin explain in their article about speeding up the sale of your home how a lower asking price can actually help you sell your property for more.

Get an idea of the competition, too. Go to open houses in your area. Make sure you know what you are up against and know that people looking at your home will probably be looking at those homes as well.

7.  Pack up Your Personal Items

Put everything that makes your home “yours” into storage. Buyers want to picture themselves in your home, not you. Your home should not be cluttered with your things. Consider putting those things in storage. Hide pet bowls and make it look like an animal does not live there if you have pets. Make sure there isn’t any hair on furniture or carpet. Your house should be completely neutral while you are trying to sell. Do not feel bad that people don’t like your weird art and collectibles or bright paint. You’ll be able to have that in your new house once you sell, but for now, go neutral. Also, if you have an odd room with no real use, clean it up and give it one! Make an office or a pantry.

8.  Listen to Your Agent

Some people will think that skipping on an agent will save them money, but really hiring one will be the better deal, by saving you money and time. Since the agent will be paid off the selling price, it’s worth it to them to price your home perfectly. Yes, Realtors want to earn a high commission, but if they don’t price it properly they won’t get your home sold at all. If you get an experienced agent with a track record of selling homes, listen to what they tell you! If you trust them listen to their advice, it will help you sell your home. Also, make your house easy to show, including nights and weekends with little notice.


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