Selling? Try These Easy Tricks To Stage Your Home

staged dining room in Washington, D.C.

If you’re selling your home, try these easy tricks to stage your home. In fact, you can compete in the tight housing market. Indeed, you may even make more money on the sale!

Staging your home is easy. You can do it yourself, or hire a pro. Let us show you what a huge difference staging makes.

First, remember to make a super first impression. Start with an honest look at the curb appeal of your home.  Buyers don’t want to see overgrown or shabby spaces. In fact, if the exterior appears run-down, buyers may never come inside!

exterior home staging
Indeed, greenery and mulch spruce this home up!
Add curb appeal by removing overgrown plants.
Add curb appeal by removing overgrown plants.

There are two types of sellers:  those who still reside in the home, and those who have already moved out.

If you still reside in your home, it’s a challenge! Indeed, buyers don’t want to see your clutter. De-clutter your home to make it move inviting. In fact, your personal photos could be a deal-breaker!

Stage your home to suit your buyers by removing personal effects, cleaning out closets, and keeping your home pristine at all times. Check out these before and after photos…

Of course, a staged home sells quickly!
Of course, a staged home sells quickly!
Naturally, buyers don't want to see clutter!
Naturally, buyers don’t want to see clutter!
staged bedroom
Any parent would love a tidy child’s bedroom
staged, organized closet
Let your closets be organized!
Naturally, your buyer will want a spacious laundry area.

On the other hand, you might be a seller who doesn’t reside in the home. Buyers often can’t visualize an empty space. Renting or borrowing some key pieces is a must!

How to Get a Good Selling Price for Your Home

With some strategic staging of your home, you can fetch top dollar! Look at these before and after photos to see how it’s done…

In addition, add neutral accents.
Remember the kitchen is the heart of the home!
Impress buyers with elegant entertaining spaces.
Impress buyers with elegant entertaining spaces.




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