Interior Storage Solutions for Bicycles

A bicycle is hung on the wall in a living room for storage.

Cyclists that live in apartments or small spaces know that they must get creative in order to safely store their bicycles.  Here are a few functional and stylish interior storage solutions for bicycles.

Bicycle storage in a room with hanging bicycles on a bookcase.
A bicycle is hanging on a wall in a bicycle storage room.

Make your own bicycle racks.  An old pair of handlebars and a bicycle seat transformed into a rack make a quirky and sturdy storage solution.

A bike rack provides secure bicycle storage on a wall.

Hang them from the ceiling.  If you live in a loft or space with high ceilings, hanging bicycles from above is the optimum space-saving solution.

A living room with creative bicycle storage.
A living room with a bicycle serving as unique storage decoration.

Multi-purpose racks make bicycle storage a breeze.  Opt for a small wood rack that doubles as a shelf or create your own bicycle storage as part of a pallet bookshelf unit.

A bicycle with a wooden shelf attached for storage.
A bicycle is stored on a shelf.
A bicycle is displayed on a wooden shelf for storage.

Make your bicycle a part of your decor.  When you have no other choice, simply make your bicycle a part of your interior design.  Like a fun sculpture, floor bicycle racks make the bicycle easily accessible while fitting in with the furniture.

A bike rack for bicycle storage in a living room.
Two bicycles stacked for storage.

Hang a bicycle from the wall and treat it like art.  Install a rack over the sofa or fireplace in the living room.  This is the perfect bicycle storage solution to make room for guests and that doubles as a work of art.

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A bicycle hanging in a living room for storage.
A bicycle hanging above a fireplace, serving as a unique storage solution in a living room.

Use valuable space under the stairs to store your bicycle.  Install sturdy hooks to the back of stairs to hold them.

A bicycle is hanging under the stairs, serving as storage.

If you are an avid cycler, then your bicycle is a part of your life.  With this in mind, integrate it proudly and fearlessly as part of your interior space.  Create your own interior storage solutions for bicycles to keep them accessible and to show them off in style.

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