Instagrammable Interior Ideas: Living with Style

Designing the interior of your home space can be difficult at times for others. Some are struggling with the concept and designs. Others are wanting Instagrammable interior ideas but don’t where to start. Another factor why interior designing sounds like a challenging work to do is because it involves thorough planning and visualization of what the design will look like afterward.

This is why homeowners are wanting to do a total makeover of their interior space. Giving it transformation into having that vibe, fresh look, and feel, are resorting to hiring a home interior designer to tackle those challenges. Hiring a professional is without a doubt a solution, but before you consider hiring one – let us share you some of our Instagrammable ideas we have, that will have every corner of your home interior transformed into an Instagram-worthy spot.

A bedroom with wood floors and a large bed featuring Instagrammable interior ideas.

Wood Flooring and Ceiling and Scenic Murals

Aside from practicality, wood can also level up your interior design. For instance, in this image, applying darker colors as aesthetics in decorating the bedroom space. Wood was pressed into service as flooring and ceiling of the space, partnered up with a black and white mural to compliment the overall theme color. As a result, the interior space gives off that native look, natural vibe, and the mysterious feeling of what it is like to spend in a forest hut.

Stairways Art Gallery

Hanging and mounting pictures and art frames on the wall are classic ways of interior design and never gets old. Have you ever thought about the idea of elevating this concept of putting art frames along stairways and adding a few personal touches on it?

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Why not try the travel theme? It is practically putting some photos of you taken in different places during your travels. Putting them in chronological order may seem to be a good idea. You could start by posting the photo of your first travel experience in the low-level portion of the stairs going up to the top level with your most recent travel photos, alongside pictures of places you are planning to go to next. Walking past this ideal stairways art gallery resembles traveling back into time, especially if you are heading down, on the other hand, it features that feeling of encouragement to work hard to hit your next travel mark when going up.

Modern Interior Space Divider

If you are looking for a way to balance out your interior theme from one spot of your home to another. Then the perfect solution for you is to go for a room divider. The room divider is ideal because it is known for its wonderful rendition in interior design. It grants you that transition effect of going from one side of your home space to another. It doesn’t matter whether it is a DIY wall partition made out of bamboo for example, or perhaps a shelf divider for a more traditional approach, either way, it would still even out the opposing concepts.

A Instagrammable bedroom with shelves on the wall.

Shelving with Style

Say goodbye to traditional shelving. Never be afraid to try out something. Perhaps, shelving with style? Creating your shelves in various shapes and sizes is a plus point in style for your interior design. Have you ever heard of those honeycomb shelves? If not, then you are missing half of the interior design experience!

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Employing art and style with modern interior design is possible through hexagonal shaped shelves!

Walk of Art

This is probably one of the most popular Instagrammable interior ideas. By far, photos of a three-dimensional theme with people in it is one of the most uploaded on Instagram. In today’s world, 3D floorings are becoming more popular. Many public places like malls, parks, art museums, offices, and even residential homes are using it because of its aesthetic qualities. Its gorgeous appearance and stunning visual effect bring any settings to life.

Wall Cladding

The use of deco stones is now being to both exterior and interior spaces. Interior designers are considering it as a best practice in reinforcing walls to last for more than a decade. Deco stones can also function as added aesthetics in the beautification of your home space. A proper wall cladding can cast a sort of medieval or a renaissance theme with that historic look and feel. Now that’s one great Instagrammable interior idea to beautify your home!

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