Must-Try Low-Cost Home Decor

Redesigning your home interior space can come with a long list of reasons. Mostly, it is either you are living in a small place and you wanted to make the most out of your space, or maybe you just need to have that fresh vibe and brand new look of your home. Whatever the reason is, I am sure the next thing you are going to consider before jumping into redesigning your interior would be the budget.

If you find yourself in a situation where you are low and tight in budget, worry no more as contrary to the popular belief, there are ways to tackle interior design with less to zero cost. There life hacks or DIYs tips and tricks that you could try on. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Well, continue reading to find out more information.

Moving the Puzzle Pieces

First on the list of low-cost home decor comes our very own pieces of furniture. Not because you bought a piece of furniture does not mean it has to stay there forever. You could try rearranging the puzzle pieces of your home. Pieces like chairs and tables, moveable cabinets, art frames, and all that. Moving and rearranging them from one place to another creates a fresh vibe, look, and feel. In case you are struggling in how the interior looks like, try to think about which color complements what. This will help you identify which piece of furniture goes well with other furniture and also where to place them, or maybe consider adding more texture within your space.

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Paint Over Wallpaper

Paint is a practical choice over wallpaper especially for if you are the type who likes to redesign your interior every few years. Removing wallpaper is a hassle task compared to paint where you just need to clean up the surface of anything you need to paint, then have the new color applied to it. Budget-wise, paint is way cheaper than wallpaper and if will actually cost you zero if you have some leftover paint from your previous projects. With paint, you can easily change the color of the wall and even the furniture you have within your home space in no time!

Creative and Modern Lightings

Lightings are one of the most common additions in interior design. You could try replacing those nondescript and typical ceiling fans and chandeliers and have them replaced by led lights that emit warm white light. You could also try adding lamps that can be mounted on the wall to add elegance and style. Making use of warm lightings will transform any space by its expensive look and feel. It also turns the space more welcoming and inviting due to its warm and cozy ambiance.

A modern dining room with a white table.
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By the way. you don’t need to shop lightings from high-end electric shops. You can easily get cheap lighting materials from low-cost hardware shops or from a flea market.

DIY Home Hacks

Still, DIYs are the champions among the list of low-cost home decor. Human ingenuity and resourcefulness never cease to amaze us. Thanks to it, life hacks were brought to life. Life hacks pretty much involves repurposing anything found inside and outside of our home space. These hacks can be used in decorating our home interior. One of the best examples of a DIY in interior design is using old pieces of jewelry, for instance, a necklace as a curtain tieback.

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A clever DIY that is quite common nowadays is through the use of old baskets, boxes, or even crates. These things are the best when it comes to storage organization and to avoid clutter building up everywhere. It also employs creativity and style at the same time – and it doesn’t cost you anything, as you are just repurposing anything that no longer fits in its place.

Minimalist Interior Design

The minimalist concept highlights the simplification of your home space interior design. This is probably the best approach in interior design, especially if you are the budget-conscious type of person as this does not require lavish and fancy decorative ornaments – except only the most practical pieces of furniture. For some, maintaining home spaces with minimalist interior design is the easiest due to less furniture to worry about and clutter can be spotted easily.

A minimalist dining room with a table and chairs decorated with framed pictures.
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The least expensive and easiest way to make our home look sumptuous is through proper housekeeping. Removing clutter, dusting the furniture and sweeping out the floor daily will make your home stand out and noticeable. After all, having a disorganized and poorly maintained home space beats the purpose of its interior design.

Going Green

Another interesting and eco-friendly way to redecorate your home interior is through the use of indoor plants. The fun fact for it is, it neutralizes humidity within your indoor space. They also act as detox agents that pretty much clean the household air and detoxify odor within your home.

Plants in a small housing, whether it is a small pot or some DIY planters, can practically fit anywhere and can blend in irrespective of interior design. This is why going green made it onto the list of our low-cost home decor.

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