Top Considerations When Decorating Your Work Office

Decorate your work office with a blue giraffe.

Often many of us do not consider decorating our work office, for whatever reason.  Perhaps we don’t have the time, we consider it not our place to do so, or we just lack the inspiration.  All that aside, let’s look at ways to personalize the work office while maintaining a professional vibe.  There are certain considerations to keep in mind when decorating your work office.

A modern office space with a black desk and chairs for decorating.
Office interior (swiftorchids)
Decorating an office with a desk and chairs.
Colorful artwork enhances this office space (officedesignpicture.blogspot)

You can generally gauge how to decorate your office based on your work environment.  Do you work in a highly professional office where suits are worn every day or do you work in an office where jeans or casual business attire is the norm?  Is the office open and contemporary or very structured and traditional?

A luxurious office with a large, comfortable desk and stylish chairs for decorating your work office.
A traditional office interior (homeae)
An office-inspired kitchen with large windows and a desk for decorating.
Contemporary office space (skroutzondeck)
A work office with a desk and chair for decorating.
Artwork enhances this office interior (cliver)

If you work in a more relaxed environment, you may have a bit more freedom to choose how you decorate your personal office space.  Given that, consider the arrangement of your furniture.  Is it arranged with work efficiency in mind?  Consider how you go through your day and arrange your furniture to fit your needs.

A work office decorated with a desk, chair, and bookshelf.
Office interior (homeartblog)
Decorating a home office with a desk, chair and bookshelf.
Office interior (versehead)
A decorated work office with a desk, chair and bookshelf.
An efficient office arrangement (interiorstylefinder)

Just a few personal decorative touches go a long way in a work office.  A colorful rug, a few choice pieces of artwork or even just a vase of fresh flowers can enhance the office.  Even in the most structured office environments, these items are acceptable.

Decorating a modern work office.
A colorful rug and chairs highlight this office space (rejidesign)
A spacious work office with ample natural light and a workspace.
A warm office space designed by Sharon McCormick (sharonsstyleportfolio)

Most offices are outfitted with overhead lighting that can be harsh, especially when you spend hours at a computer.  Bring in your own lamps for accent and task lighting.  This not only adds a touch of personal style to the office but aids in softening the overall light.

Creating a Cozy Corner Retreat in Your Home
Decorating a work office with yellow desk and blue chair.
Office interior (celandanna)
A room for decorating your work office with a desk, chairs, and a chandelier.
A chandelier accents this modern office space (realhousedesign)

Creative shelving options are a great way to keep the office organized and always looking tidy.  Sometimes storage is decoration.  Neatly shelved baskets and bins are a sharp, professional accent.  Don’t overcrowd shelves and add a few decorative accents into the mix.

A home office with a desk and bookshelves for decorating your work office.
Shelving and bins for office organization (kiviart)
A wooden wall in an office with a red chair for decorating.
Shelving accents this office (5x9m)
A zebra rug for decorating your work office.
Shelving and a vivid rug add personalization to this office space (joycepreschool)

For a few professionals, the office décor is already in place and blends with the overall design of the building.  In this case, you can personalize the space with plants and a few decorative accents of your own that mix with the existing décor.  A well-chosen area rug or piece of artwork can bridge the gap.

A work office decorated with a desk and chairs.
A beautiful office (
A 3d rendering of a modern office suitable for decorating your work office.
A well-planned office (3dhousedownload)

When decorating your work office, consider the overall office environment.  From there, assess the arrangement of furniture in your office to ensure the most efficient layout.  Add your own lamps, artwork, rugs, shelving and accessories to achieve a cohesive and well-organized space.




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