31 Cool and Colorful Kitchens

A kitchen with cool and colorful green counter tops and stools.

With Thanksgiving just days away, the kitchen is a room in which many will be spending long hours.  In honor of those, let’s explore 31 cool and colorful kitchens that would inspire even the culinary-challenged to enjoy.

A kitchen with cool and colorful green cabinets.
Beautiful modern kitchen (gelanter.xyz)

Who says a kitchen has to look a certain way?  Break free from any preconceived notions about kitchen design and decoration and embrace the unique.  Paint the walls a bright color and the cabinets a contrasting color to the walls.  Blend open shelving with cabinets, choose a bright countertop as an accent and install unique backsplash tiles.

31 Cool and Colorful Kitchens with blue walls and a black island.
Colorful and stylish kitchen (Houzz)
A kitchen with a colorful orange island and a fireplace.
Bright orange countertops enliven this kitchen (Houzz)
A colorful kitchen with a modern island.
Vibrant colors enhance this modern kitchen (HGTV)

Use colorful bar stools, kitchen table chairs, artwork and lighting to express a unique point of view in the kitchen.

A kitchen with a large island and colorful stools featured in 31 Cool and Colorful Kitchens.
Cool and colorful kitchen design (Houzz)
A dining room with a zebra print rug featured in 31 Cool and Colorful Kitchens.
Eclectic kitchen design (Houzz)
A colorful kitchen with a wooden floor.
Color enhances this kitchen (8-ball.net)

Style an eat-in kitchen as you would any other room.  Take creative liberty and infuse the room with color and quirky accents.

A kitchen with colorful walls.
Blocks of color give this kitchen a bold look (decoist)

For a sophisticated kitchen, use colorful appliances, accents and artwork to add small bursts of color.  Anchor the kitchen island with bright stools.  To achieve a balanced and sophisticated vibrant kitchen, limit your colors to two and use them in impactful ways, such as on the kitchen island and the walls.

A Colorful Kitchen with a Table and Chairs.
Cool and colorful modern kitchen (decoist)
A kitchen with colorful walls and counter tops.
Sleek and colorful kitchen (Houzz)

Angled cabinets and shelving, zigzag lime lines with contrasting red panels equal a kitchen that is modern and extremely creative.  And if you like fluorescent shades of green, this color is a fresh and lively choice for the kitchen.

A cool and colorful kitchen with a green and white color scheme.
Wild shapes and vibrant colors in this unique kitchen (zeointerior)
A kitchen with green and yellow walls.
Vibrant kitchen (iseecubed)

A rose-colored kitchen with modern lighting and a zebra print rug is not your every day kitchen.  This is a great choice for the daring homeowner with an open floor plan.

A zebra print rug in a cool kitchen.
A different color theme for the kitchen is accented with an animal print rug (flipboard)

For the traditionalist, mixing in a kitchen island of a different color than the cabinetry adds just the perfect note of color.  Accent this with a contrasting color of pendant lights over the island and pick up the color with art and accessories.

Black Kitchen Floor: 50+ Transformations for Your Cookspace
A colorful kitchen with a table and chairs.
Cool kitchen (gelanter.xyz)

Using a unique material for the island countertop gives the kitchen a custom look.  Install colorful glass pendant lights and a beautiful tile backsplash for a cohesive and stylish finish.

A kitchen with colorful counter tops.
Color and unique materials highlight this kitchen (HGTV)

Using a wallpaper you may have reserved for another room of the home is an unexpected feature in the kitchen.  Install small chandeliers over the kitchen island for a bit of luxury and traditional styling.  A mix of rustic and glamour is always a winning combination.

A green island and floral wallpaper make this kitchen cool and colorful.
A chandelier and elegant wallpaper are unexpected kitchen enhancements (decoist)
A small kitchen with a brick wall and a refrigerator featured in 31 Cool and Colorful Kitchens.
Cool kitchen is high on style (8-ball.net)

A blown glass chandelier, glass island countertop and marble backsplash with red swirls above a red oven give this kitchen an inviting glamour and appeal.

A kitchen with a glass counter top in a cool and colorful style.
Unique countertops and lighting give this kitchen high style (vissbiz)

Modern kitchens with bold color combinations have a very of-the-moment cool appeal.  Those with unique cabinet accents take the kitchen to a new and exciting level.

A brightly colored and stainless kitchen.
Unique modern kitchen is bright and beautiful (golasvegasstone)
This is a colorful kitchen.
Unique modern kitchen (HGTV)

Traditional kitchens with a classic color scheme, attractive light fixtures or a unique theme have winning appeal.

A colorful kitchen with red chairs.
Bursts of red enhance this welcoming kitchen (Architectural Digest)
A colorful kitchen with red cabinets and a wooden table.
Traditional kitchen is bright and welcoming (traditionalhome)
A kitchen with blue stools and orange pendant lights from 31 Cool and Colorful Kitchens.
Bursts of color enhance this kitchen (stylish.family)
A kitchen with colorful turquoise door and Coca Cola stools.
Retro accents and colors give this kitchen a cool vibe (aventuraspsicodelicas.blogspot)

A touch of the unexpected should not be reserved for other rooms in the home.  A unique light fixture, wallpaper or accessory can be an instant boost to the kitchen.  And since many friends and family gravitate toward the kitchen during gatherings, why not have a conversation piece?

A modern kitchen with a dining table and chairs featured in 31 Cool and Colorful Kitchens.
A red antler chandelier is an unexpected feature in this kitchen (ulwix)
A colorful kitchen with red stools and a chandelier.
Amazing light fixture highlights this kitchen (HGTV)

Some kitchens just possess a cool vibe.  Be it the fresh appeal, unique cabinetry or built-in feature, or just the overall design aesthetic, these kitchens are inspiring.

A colorful kitchen with green walls and wooden floors.
Beautiful pendant lights and colorful walls highlight this kitchen (HGTV)
A wooden table and chairs in a dining room.
Unique furniture adds style to this kitchen (interiorsigndesign)
A white and yellow kitchen with a white table and chairs from 31 Cool and Colorful Kitchens collection.
Sleek and stylish kitchen with a dash of color (waphole)
A modern kitchen with wooden cabinets and counter tops featured in 31 Cool and Colorful Kitchens.
Cool kitchen design (deringhall)
A industrial style kitchen with a table and chairs featured in a cool and colorful setting.
Industrial style kitchen is cool and modern (modernfreshfurniture.blogspot)

Cooking and entertaining in kitchens like these seems less like work and more about enjoyment.  When style and functionality merge, there is no limit to what you can create in these cool and colorful kitchens.


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