The Steampunk Kitchen – Get This Style in YOUR Kitchen!

A steampunk-inspired black and gold kitchen.

The steampunk kitchen is a hot trend. You can get this style in your kitchen with planning and attention to detail. Like all kitchens, it’s all about planning.

Steampunk marries Victorian pieces with Industrial Age inspiration. Think of steam valves, copper pipes, and steam engines. Mix them with stained glass.  The result is steampunk style! This all makes perfect sense. While Queen Victoria reigned the UK, the Industrial Revolution thrived in the US.

In defining steampunk, it’s best to describe it as a mixture of machinery and elegance. In decorating a steampunk kitchen, think décor in Gothic-Victorian style coupled with industrial revolution representation.

Think about it. While Queen Victoria reigned the UK, the Industrial Revolution thrived in the US. Therefore, steampunk is a meld of those two inspirations.

Obviously, you want a kitchen that offers 21st-century functionally. You’d still want to have perfectly installed hardware and plumbing system in your kitchen, which would need the services of a professional plumber such as CE Plumbing & Heating. However, a cool style evolves by combining modern amenities with steampunk form. It’s fun to think outside the box. Certainly, steampunk allows you to do just that!

Steampunk kitchens feature black. In fact, it’s the color of choice for steampunk cabinets and appliances.  Complete the look with gleaming copper pieces, brushed metals, or black metallic accents.

Use refurbished furniture. This doesn’t just add charm to your home, it also creates a steampunk interior design that doesn’t need much money.

A steampunk kitchen with an antique stove and pots and pans.
Refurbished antique appliances fit the Steampunk Kitchen

Indeed, refurbished black appliances make a bold style statement.

A steampunk kitchen with a wooden counter top and black stools.
Steampunk kitchen with unique island.

Above, see the custom kitchen island. The designer fabricated this piece from an upcycled printers table. Certainly, this is an inspired yet functional island!

Use leather items or furniture such as sofa or chairs. Leather is among the most important materials that define steampunk. It’s not only elegant and comfortable, the material also enhances your home’s luxury level.

A steampunk-inspired black and gold kitchen.
Indeed, the steampunk kitchen features high style.

Oh so steamy! The base of this kitchen island is fabricated from an upcycled boiler. It doesn’t get more steampunk than this!

A steampunk kitchen with a center island and stools.
Steampunk kitchen island with metal accent barstools.
A steampunk kitchen with a large island and a chandelier.
Steampunk kitchen features a dirigible kitchen light.

Next up is a steampunk kitchen that features brushed metals and polished concrete floors. Finally, the decorator added a dirigible light.  What a unique feature!

A steampunk-inspired kitchen with wooden cabinets and stainless steel appliances.
Indeed, brushed metallic finishes soften the steampunk look.

Naturally, you may prefer stainless steel. Above, accessories work in that steampunk feeling. Yet, the look is lighter and brighter.

Add gears into your wall or anywhere. Gears are considered important items for steampunk style. You can also use a gear wall clock to add some statement, or you can use them to showcase industrial art pieces in your kitchen.

A steampunk-inspired pot rack hanging from the ceiling in a kitchen.
Of course, a steampunk pot rack is a must!
A steampunk-inspired toilet paper holder on a brick wall.
steampunk towel holder
Three steampunk light fixtures hanging from a brick wall in a kitchen.
steampunk light fixtures
A steampunk kitchen with tiled floors.
A simple steampunk kitchen chandelier
A steampunk chandelier with six light bulbs hanging from pipes in a kitchen setting.
This steampunk chandelier lights up the kitchen.

Add an antique effect by adding sepia pictures to your walls. You can use old photos of your family or you can also choose pictures of other people.  

Give your walls a metallic look! You can do this by painting them with rust and gray paints to create that steampunk vibe. You can even use metal tiles on your wall and even install metal panels.

Finally, think of metals when you accessorize. Commit to forged iron, brushed stainless, and copper. Indeed, follow through the steampunk look. Let your imagination guide you. After all, steampunk is about invention!

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