The Steampunk Kitchen – Get This Style in YOUR Kitchen!

A steampunk-inspired black and gold kitchen.

The steampunk kitchen is a hot trend. You can get this style in your kitchen with planning and attention to detail. Like all kitchens, it’s all about planning.

Steampunk marries Victorian pieces with Industrial Age inspiration. Think of steam valves, copper pipes, and steam engines. Mix them with stained glass.  The result is steampunk style! This all makes perfect sense. While Queen Victoria reigned the UK, the Industrial Revolution thrived in the US.

In defining steampunk, it’s best to describe it as a mixture of machinery and elegance. In decorating a steampunk kitchen, think décor in Gothic-Victorian style coupled with industrial revolution representation.

Think about it. While Queen Victoria reigned the UK, the Industrial Revolution thrived in the US. Therefore, steampunk is a meld of those two inspirations.

Obviously, you want a kitchen that offers 21st-century functionally. You’d still want to have perfectly installed hardware and plumbing system in your kitchen, which would need the services of a professional plumber such as CE Plumbing & Heating. However, a cool style evolves by combining modern amenities with steampunk form. It’s fun to think outside the box. Certainly, steampunk allows you to do just that!

Steampunk kitchens feature black. In fact, it’s the color of choice for steampunk cabinets and appliances.  Complete the look with gleaming copper pieces, brushed metals, or black metallic accents.

Use refurbished furniture. This doesn’t just add charm to your home, it also creates a steampunk interior design that doesn’t need much money.

A steampunk kitchen with an antique stove and pots and pans.
Refurbished antique appliances fit the Steampunk Kitchen

Indeed, refurbished black appliances make a bold style statement.

A steampunk kitchen with a wooden counter top and black stools.
Steampunk kitchen with unique island.

Above, see the custom kitchen island. The designer fabricated this piece from an upcycled printers table. Certainly, this is an inspired yet functional island!

Use leather items or furniture such as sofa or chairs. Leather is among the most important materials that define steampunk. It’s not only elegant and comfortable, the material also enhances your home’s luxury level.

A steampunk-inspired black and gold kitchen.
Indeed, the steampunk kitchen features high style.

Oh so steamy! The base of this kitchen island is fabricated from an upcycled boiler. It doesn’t get more steampunk than this!

A steampunk kitchen with a center island and stools.
Steampunk kitchen island with metal accent barstools.
A steampunk kitchen with a large island and a chandelier.
Steampunk kitchen features a dirigible kitchen light.

Next up is a steampunk kitchen that features brushed metals and polished concrete floors. Finally, the decorator added a dirigible light.  What a unique feature!

A steampunk-inspired kitchen with wooden cabinets and stainless steel appliances.
Indeed, brushed metallic finishes soften the steampunk look.

Naturally, you may prefer stainless steel. Above, accessories work in that steampunk feeling. Yet, the look is lighter and brighter.

Add gears into your wall or anywhere. Gears are considered important items for steampunk style. You can also use a gear wall clock to add some statement, or you can use them to showcase industrial art pieces in your kitchen.

A steampunk-inspired pot rack hanging from the ceiling in a kitchen.
Of course, a steampunk pot rack is a must!
A steampunk-inspired toilet paper holder on a brick wall.
steampunk towel holder
Three steampunk light fixtures hanging from a brick wall in a kitchen.
steampunk light fixtures
A steampunk kitchen with tiled floors.
A simple steampunk kitchen chandelier
A steampunk chandelier with six light bulbs hanging from pipes in a kitchen setting.
This steampunk chandelier lights up the kitchen.

Add an antique effect by adding sepia pictures to your walls. You can use old photos of your family or you can also choose pictures of other people.  

Give your walls a metallic look! You can do this by painting them with rust and gray paints to create that steampunk vibe. You can even use metal tiles on your wall and even install metal panels.

Did you know that incorporating steampunk and industrial style elements in your kitchen can increase the value of your home by up to 30%? Imagine a space where Victorian elegance intertwines with industrial flair, creating a unique and captivating ambiance. From intricate gear-shaped light fixtures to copper accents and exposed pipes, an industrial style steampunk kitchen is not just a room but an experience. Embrace the unconventional and transform your cooking area into a mesmerizing blend of past and future aesthetics with a modern kitchen and an eclectic vibe.

Steampunk Kitchen Essentials

Steampunk kitchen with copper appliances and vintage gadgets.
Steampunk kitchen with copper appliances and vintage gadgets.

Industrial Lighting

Industrial lighting plays a crucial role in setting the right ambiance in steam areas. The pendant options for industrial lighting are diverse and unique. For instance, you can opt for Steampunk gear pendant designs to add a touch of authenticity to your kitchen decor.

Industrial pipe necklace options provide an edgy and unconventional look that complements the steampunk theme perfectly. Brass key pendant choices offer a vintage feel, enhancing the overall aesthetic of your kitchen space. Mixing and matching these pendant options can create a harmonious blend of styles in your steampunk kitchen.

Steampunk Design Ideas

Steampunk style bakery interior with vintage equipment.
Steampunk style bakery interior with vintage equipment.

Vintage Wallpaper

When designing a steampunk kitchen, consider incorporating Victorian-era wallpaper patterns for an authentic touch. You can also opt for antique map print wallpapers to create a sense of adventure and exploration in your space. Choosing steampunk machinery designs or retro damask wallpaper options can enhance the overall aesthetic.

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To add an industrial flair to your kitchen, select wallpapers featuring industrial gears and cogs motifs. These designs bring a mechanical aspect to the room, complementing the steampunk theme perfectly.

Decorative Decals

Enhance your steampunk kitchen with decorative decals such as steampunk gear decal sets, which can be applied strategically on walls or cabinets for a unique look. Consider adding sophistication with vintage clock decal collections, bringing an antique feel to the space.

For an industrial vibe, incorporate decals like industrial pipe wall stickers or opt for aeronautical charm with retro aviation-themed decals. Window decals featuring intricate cog and gear designs can also elevate the steampunk aesthetic of your kitchen.

Handcrafted Items

Infuse character into your steampunk kitchen by including handcrafted items like artisan-made leather aprons that exude craftsmanship and quality. Complement these with intricately designed pieces such as custom wooden kitchen timers that showcase attention to detail.

Consider incorporating artisanal metal bar stools for both functionality and style in your steampunk-themed space. To add a touch of elegance, include hand-painted glassware sets that reflect creativity and artistry in every piece used within the kitchen ambiance.

Steampunk Dining Accessories

Steampunk-themed kitchen with copper utensils and round window.
Steampunk-themed kitchen with copper utensils and round window.


Stepping into the world of steampunk kitchen design, one can’t overlook the importance of unique drinkware. From coffee mugs adorned with intricate gear motifs to elegant glass tumblers featuring industrial pipe designs, steampunk-themed drinkware adds a touch of whimsical charm to any dining setting. Imagine sipping your morning coffee from a mug embellished with clockwork elements or enjoying an evening glass of wine from a wine glass crafted to resemble industrial pipes.

Options abound. Picture yourself indulging in your favorite beverage from a brass tumbler that exudes vintage elegance or savoring a refreshing drink from a copper vessel reminiscent of 19th-century aesthetics. Whether you prefer on-the-go convenience with gear-shaped travel tumblers or seek out unique thermos designs reflecting steampunk elements, there is something for every taste and preference in the realm of steampunk tumblers.

Embracing the essence of vintage flair, tea lovers can elevate their afternoon rituals with exquisite tea cups inspired by yesteryears’ charm. These teacups often feature ornate details and intricate patterns that transport you back in time while adding an air of sophistication to your tea-drinking experience. For those who enjoy hosting gatherings, serving beverages in industrial pipe wine glasses can be both functional and visually striking, becoming conversation starters at any event.


Incorporating liquor dispensers into your steampunk kitchen not only serves practical purposes but also enhances the overall aesthetic appeal. Imagine showcasing your collection of spirits through intricately designed liquor dispensers that evoke visions of Victorian-era opulence and innovation. These dispensers often feature brass accents, cog detailing, and other mechanical elements characteristic of steampunk design.

For those seeking to create an inviting breakfast nook or entertainment space within their home, investing in stylish yet functional breakfast bar stools can transform the ambiance instantly. Opt for bar stools crafted from rich leather upholstery paired with metal frames adorned with gears and rivets for an authentic steampunk look. These stools not only provide comfortable seating but also serve as decorative pieces that tie together the theme of your steampunk kitchen seamlessly.

Functional Items with Style

Vintage-style kitchen with wooden cabinets and hanging utensils.
Vintage-style kitchen with wooden cabinets and hanging utensils.

Kitchen Timer Kit

Steampunk kitchen timer kits are not only functional but also add a unique touch to your kitchen decor. These timers often come in intricate designs, resembling vintage clocks or mechanical gadgets from the Victorian era. The gears and cogs of these timers move as time passes, creating a mesmerizing visual effect while fulfilling their primary purpose.

One advantage of using a steampunk kitchen timer kit is its dual functionality – it serves as both a practical tool for cooking and baking timing purposes and an aesthetic piece that enhances the overall theme of your kitchen. These kits can be conversation starters when guests notice them in your kitchen, adding an element of intrigue to your culinary space.

Another benefit of incorporating a steampunk kitchen timer kit into your cooking routine is the nostalgia it evokes. The blend of old-world charm with modern convenience brings a sense of whimsy and creativity to mundane tasks like timing food preparation. It transforms everyday activities into enjoyable experiences, making cooking more engaging.

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Eco-Friendly Coasters

There are various options available made from sustainable materials such as bamboo or cork. These coasters not only protect your tabletops from heat and moisture but also contribute to reducing environmental impact by using renewable resources in their production.

Opting for eco-friendly coasters aligns with the steampunk ethos of repurposing materials and embracing sustainability. By choosing coasters made from environmentally friendly materials, you make a conscious decision to support eco-conscious practices while enhancing the aesthetics of your dining area with unique steampunk designs.

In addition to being environmentally responsible, eco-friendly coasters offer durability and longevity due to the robust nature of bamboo or cork. They are easy to clean and maintain, ensuring that they remain both functional and visually appealing over time. Moreover, these coasters add warmth and character to your table settings, elevating the overall look of your steampunk-inspired kitchen.

Artistic Touches

Adding artistic touches to a steampunk kitchen can elevate its unique style and character. One way to achieve this is through canvas prints, which can feature vintage-inspired designs, mechanical elements, or even famous inventions from the Victorian era. These prints not only add visual interest but also contribute to the overall theme of the kitchen.

In a steampunk kitchen, incorporating hand-painted glassware can further enhance the eclectic vibe of the space. Imagine having beautifully crafted glassware adorned with gears, cogs, or intricate clockwork patterns. These pieces not only serve a functional purpose but also act as decorative elements that tie in seamlessly with the overall design aesthetic.

Customizing artwork on canvas prints allows for personalization while maintaining the vintage-industrial theme. For instance, commissioning an artist to paint a bespoke piece featuring airships or steam-powered contraptions adds a touch of individuality to the space.

Another creative way to infuse artistry into a steampunk kitchen is by hand-painting glassware yourself. This hands-on approach enables you to tailor each piece according to your preferences and design ideas. You could experiment with different painting techniques like metallic finishes or aged effects for an authentic steampunk look.

Steampunk for the Table

Steampunk-style kitchen with copper utensils and pipes.
Steampunk-style kitchen with copper utensils and pipes.

Edible Cake Toppers

Incorporating edible cake toppers can add a unique touch. These toppers are typically made from fondant or edible paper and can be customized with gears, cogs, or other steampunk elements. Imagine a vintage pocket watch or intricate mechanical design atop your dessert.

Adding edible cake toppers is an easy way to tie in the steampunk theme without overwhelming the entire kitchen decor. They can be used on cakes, cupcakes, or even cookies for special occasions like birthdays or themed parties. The versatility of these decorations allows you to showcase your love for steampunk in a fun and delicious way.

In addition:


  • Easy to customize

  • Adds a thematic element


  • Limited shelf life due to being edible


  • Fondant gears and cogs

  • Edible printed clock faces

Customizable Stools

Customizable stools are another fantastic addition when creating a steampunk inspired kitchen space. These stools often feature industrial elements like exposed metal frames, leather upholstery, and adjustable height mechanisms reminiscent of old-fashioned machinery found in factories during the industrial revolution.

By incorporating customizable stools, you can seamlessly blend functionality with style in your kitchen area. Picture sitting at your kitchen island on a stool designed with rivets and distressed leather that exudes an air of Victorian-era charm while offering modern comfort and convenience.

Regarding customizable stools:


  • Adjustable height options

  • Industrial aesthetic adds character


  • May require periodic maintenance

Textile Elements


. These aprons often feature intricate designs, gears, cogs, and Victorian-era patterns. The materials used are usually durable fabrics like denim or canvas to withstand the rigors of kitchen work.

Steampunk aprons can come in various styles such as full-length or waist aprons. Some may have pockets with brass accents for functionality and aesthetics combined. Imagine donning an apron with leather straps and metal buckles while preparing your favorite steampunk-inspired dish – it truly enhances the whole experience.

One key aspect of steampunk aprons is the attention to detail in their design. They might include embellishments like lace trims, clockwork motifs, or even small utility belts attached for a more authentic look. These elements bring together the essence of steampunk fashion into everyday kitchen attire.

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Embroidered Towels

In a steampunk-themed kitchen, even the smallest details matter, including embroidered towels. These towels typically feature intricate embroidery depicting gears, keys, airships, or other mechanical elements characteristic of the steampunk aesthetic. The color palette often includes rich tones like deep browns, brass hues, and dark greens to capture that industrial Victorian feel.

Steampunk embroidered towels add both style and functionality to the kitchen space. Besides serving their practical purpose for drying hands or dishes, they contribute significantly to enhancing the overall theme of the room. Picture hanging beautifully embroidered towels with ornate designs on antique hooks – they become not just tools but also decorations in themselves.

When selecting embroidered towels for a steampunk kitchen, consider designs that resonate with your personal style preferences within this genre’s framework. Opting for motifs that reflect your love for all things mechanical and vintage will tie everything together seamlessly in your themed culinary space.

Digital Enhancements

Clipart Bundle

In a steampunk kitchen, incorporating digital enhancements like a clipart bundle can add an extra layer of creativity. These bundles often include intricate designs of gears, cogs, and other steampunk elements that can be used in various ways to adorn items in the kitchen. For instance, you could use clipart to decorate containers for sugar, flour, or spices with unique steampunk-themed labels.

Adding clipart to your kitchen can also extend beyond labeling items. You might use them to create custom recipe cards featuring vintage-inspired designs or design unique wall art by framing and hanging printed clipart images around the room. The versatility of these digital elements allows for endless customization possibilities in a steampunk-themed kitchen.

One key advantage of using a clipart bundle is the cost-effectiveness and convenience it offers. Instead of purchasing pre-made decor items at higher prices, you have the flexibility to print and use the clipart as needed on various surfaces within your kitchen space. This not only saves money but also gives you full control over the design process.

Magnetic Calendar

Another way to enhance your steampunk kitchen digitally is by incorporating a magnetic calendar with a vintage twist. A magnetic calendar adorned with steampunk aesthetics like brass accents or clockwork details can serve both functional and decorative purposes in your culinary space. By using magnets shaped like gears or old-fashioned keys as markers, you can keep track of important dates while staying true to the theme.

The beauty of a magnetic calendar lies in its adaptability; you can easily rearrange events or appointments without messy erasing or rewriting common with traditional calendars. Moreover, having this interactive element adds an engaging touch to your kitchen decor while maintaining practicality through its functionality.

Apart from being visually appealing, a magnetic calendar helps streamline organization within your cooking area by providing a designated spot for scheduling meal plans, grocery lists, or upcoming gatherings seamlessly integrated into your steampunk ambiance.

Integrating such digital enhancements into your steampunk kitchen not only elevates its aesthetic appeal but also enhances its functionality through innovative solutions that blend seamlessly with the overall theme.

Lighting Focus

Lighting plays a crucial role in setting the right ambiance. Whether you prefer an industrial look or vintage charm, there are various options to illuminate your space effectively.

Industrial Options

Industrial lighting fixtures are a popular choice for steampunk kitchens due to their rugged and utilitarian aesthetic. Think metal pendants, exposed bulbs, and cage lights that exude a raw, unfinished feel. These fixtures often incorporate elements like gears, pipes, and salvaged materials for an authentic steampunk vibe.

For example:

  • Metal pendant lights with Edison bulbs

  • Pipe-shaped sconces

  • Gear-inspired chandeliers

Industrial lighting not only provides ample illumination but also adds character and depth to the overall design of a steampunk kitchen. The combination of rough textures, metallic finishes, and mechanical details creates a visually striking environment reminiscent of Victorian-era machinery.

Vintage Lamps are another excellent choice for illuminating your steampunk kitchen. These lamps add a touch of nostalgia and elegance while enhancing the retro-futuristic theme of steampunk decor. From antique oil lamps to classic lanterns, vintage lamps come in various styles that complement different aspects of steampunk design.

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Consider these options:

  • Brass oil lamps

  • Tiffany-style stained glass table lamps

  • Repurposed lanterns as pendant lights

Vintage lamps bring warmth and sophistication to a steampunk kitchen, creating soft ambient lighting that enhances the overall atmosphere. Their intricate designs and historical appeal contribute to the unique charm of steampunk interiors.

Wall Decor and Accents

Metal Art

Metal art is a fantastic way to add a touch of industrial charm to your steampunk kitchen. By incorporating metal elements into your wall decor, you can create a unique and visually appealing space. Consider hanging metal sculptures, gears, or even vintage-inspired signs on your kitchen walls to enhance the steampunk aesthetic. These pieces can serve as focal points in the room and tie together the overall design theme.

When selecting metal art for your steampunk kitchen, opt for pieces that feature intricate details and metallic finishes like copper, bronze, or brass. These materials are commonly associated with steampunk design due to their connection to machinery and industrial elements. Look for art pieces that incorporate gears, cogs, or other mechanical components to further emphasize the steampunk style.

Integrating metal art into your steampunk kitchen allows you to infuse character and personality into the space while staying true to the retro-futuristic theme. Whether you choose wall-mounted sculptures or three-dimensional installations, metal art can elevate the visual appeal of your kitchen while showcasing your love for all things steampunk.

Abstract Wall Art

Incorporating abstract wall art into your steampunk kitchen can introduce an element of creativity and modernity into the space. Abstract artwork often features bold colors, unconventional shapes, and expressive forms that can complement the vintage-inspired elements of steampunk design. Look for abstract paintings or prints that evoke a sense of intrigue and mystery to add depth to your kitchen decor.

When selecting abstract wall art for your steampunk kitchen, consider pieces that blend well with industrial textures such as exposed brick walls or distressed wood surfaces. The juxtaposition of abstract artwork against rugged materials creates an interesting contrast that enhances the overall visual impact of the room. Choose artworks with steam-powered motifs like clocks, engines, or airships to maintain cohesiveness with the steampunk theme.

Final Remarks

You’ve now got the lowdown on transforming your kitchen into a steampunk paradise. From essential items to design ideas and functional yet stylish pieces, you’re all set to embark on this exciting journey. Remember, it’s all about infusing that Victorian-era charm with a touch of futuristic innovation to create a space that truly stands out.

So, roll up your sleeves, get those gears turning, and start curating your very own steampunk kitchen. Let your creativity run wild, mix and match elements, and don’t forget to add a dash of your personality into the mix. Your steampunk kitchen awaits—time to make it a reality!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some must-have Steampunk kitchen essentials?

To create a captivating Steampunk kitchen, you’ll need essential items like brass fixtures, Victorian-style cookware, cog and gear-inspired decor pieces, vintage-looking appliances, and industrial lighting to set the tone perfectly.

How can I incorporate artistic touches into my Steampunk kitchen design?

You can add artistic flair by displaying unique sculptures or artwork inspired by the Industrial Revolution era. Consider incorporating handcrafted metalwork or steam-powered gadget replicas to infuse creativity and character into your space.

Are there any functional items with style that I should consider for my Steampunk kitchen?

Absolutely! Look for multifunctional gadgets such as clockwork timer salt and pepper shakers or mechanical tea infusers. These items not only serve their purpose but also contribute to the overall aesthetic of your Steampunk-themed kitchen.

How can I enhance the lighting in my Steampunk kitchen?

Focus on incorporating Edison bulbs, exposed filament lights, or industrial-style chandeliers to illuminate your space with a warm glow reminiscent of 19th-century workshops. Utilize copper finishes or aged metals for light fixtures to achieve an authentic Steampunk ambiance.

What textile elements work well in a Steampunk-themed kitchen?

Opt for rich fabrics like velvet curtains with intricate patterns or leather bar stool covers to bring texture and depth into your design. Incorporating tapestries featuring Victorian motifs can also add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your culinary haven.

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