12 Awesome Renovation Updates to Add to Your Home

A demolished room undergoing renovation.

One of the best parts about having a home is that it is yours to do with it what is desired. Renovations that are made to it to raise its value or can be made to save money on energy. The homeowner makes the choice, and either way it is helpful now and in the future.

The current owner can change the style it is now or by an outside contractor. Either way, there is no permanency for the changes. Depending on the building and finances, the options and locations of the changes are limitless.

Light and Space

Opening a room up can increase the appeal of a space or an entire property. If there is a large tree in the yard, have it removed for a better view and more open space. Knock a wall out between a couple of rooms to make more space. Natural light can improve an entertainment area or just the view, so increase the size of a current window or add a window to a wall that currently doesn’t have any windows.

Home Siding

Stone siding is a way to add value to a home. It doesn’t have to be done on the entire home. It can be done on a section to add some change, decoration, or style cosmetically. Entryways are a pleasant location to add stone veneer siding for appeal and some upgrades accent the home and are water-resistant.

Floating Shelves

An entertainment center that uses floating mantel shelves can make a room authentic. To find a floating shelf that matches or enhances the room setting, look for the shelves that are made from original materials. Some styles of the available floating shelves are wood, metal, and stone.


A white kitchen with stainless steel appliances featuring 12 awesome renovation updates.


The location of the kitchen and its contents can be moved to improve it. The moves can be based on cosmetics or convenience. Therefore, the floor plan can be developed to be devoted to a complete change in the location of all the cupboards, adding glass countertops, or the addition of space to allow for a large kitchen recreation. Small changes can be new flooring, curtains, or painting the walls and ceiling to lighten up the setting.

Garage doors

Today there are many styles of garage doors. Some styles have windows in different locations or come without windows. The style of the handles to open the doors are many, and the placement and directions of the handles have changed over the years. Changes in a garage door can add character, space, and authenticity to the home.


Bathrooms can be remodeled, re-created, or just updated. Consider the floor, bathtub, toilet, and sink that can be replaced in the bathroom for remodeling or just moving the location of the vanity and fixtures. Some bathtubs are too big to be removed, so there is the option of re-glazing that will give a bathroom a new finishing and it keeps the cost lower, but still keeps the improvement.


There are different landscaping techniques that can be used to increase your home’s value. The landscaping can stand out by using eye-catching colors. Flowers, plants, and shrubs can be used to boost your curb appeal. You can also switch it up every year to add value or just to change the style.

Attic Conversions

Attics in the past have been for storage, but today they can be converted to different options. Adding insulation to the rafters and then walls can bring down the utility costs to save money and prevent moisture. This renovation will change the home value based on a home with more bedrooms for bigger families or additional entertainment areas.

Outside additions

Adding outdoor living space for summer entertainment can increase home value. Decks, patios, and porches are impressive for eye-catchers, plant settings, or to have picnics. Whatever you decide, there are different styles that can be chosen to decorate or enhance the current style of the home.

Electric Fireplaces

Electric fireplaces allow you to create the same vibe as a wood-burning one without the mess or maintenance. With an indoor fireplace heater, you’ll add value to your home as well as a cozy and comforting vibe. And since they come in every style from traditional to contemporary, you’re sure to find out that fits in seamlessly with your decor.

Home Office

Today, working from home is more common. Making a room that is an extra space into an office is the new renovation that is great for a telecommunication site. Make sure to have grounded outlets and data ports along with in-the-wall shelves for equipment and supplies.

Basement Updates

Changes in basements are updates for value. They can be made to add a playroom for the kids, it can be the move of the laundry room to the cellar from a more common area, or to have another bedroom, bathroom, or bedroom. If you live in a climate with high temperatures, the basement can work great for a summer hang-out area instead of an entire air conditioning system.

Considering Your Home Renovation Options

An updated kitchen with white cabinets and a center island.

Take the time to look around and see what the different options are before making decisions. The choices, styles, colors, and themes are yours now. How about the option of changing the theme every so many year.

You could also opt for one style on the lower level and then a different style on the second level. How about different time eras for the decoration? Maybe the 1800s for the living room, but then the most modern kitchen. How about one style on the lower level and then a different style on the second level.

Changes may be because of the changes in the members of the home or because of the changes in what is in style at the time. There also is the option of having more than one theme within the home. Today technology causes changes and these can also influence renovation within the home. Whatever is the reason, it is the homeowner’s option.

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