What Exactly is a Utility Room And Do They Add Value To A Property?  

A white washer and dryer in a utility room.

Have you ever wondered about a utility room? Maybe you are looking at a home that has one and you are curious to understand its purpose and value? Or maybe you are planning on having one built in your home and you would like to get the most bang for your buck. Either way, the answers you are looking for are coming right up in the following article. 

Get comfortable because for the next 5 to 6 minutes we will take an in-depth look at the utility room, what it will cost, what kind of returns you can expect for such an investment and how to plan your home’s latest acquisition.  

So, without further introduction, let’s get right to the big questions first. 

What is a utility room?

A utility room has been a prominent element of human architecture for thousands of years and serves as a functional area for performing household tasks and even storing household items. In modern times, utility rooms will house the washer, dryer, ironing boards, cleaning supplies, and maybe even the linen closet. This takes a considerable strain off the kitchen, which can always struggle with storage issues.  

In times past, this was called the ‘scullery’ room where the scullery maid performed her menial tasks at the bottom rung of the household pecking order. Today they serve a wider number of purposes and can even serve in part as an extension of the kitchen housing a chest freezer and other miscellaneous supplies. 

Why you should consider a utility room

A utility room can serve a wide range of purposes in the house; whenever you have a dirty, grimy job to do, this place allows for space to work, ample lighting, and quick cleanup. But they are not only functional rooms but can be bright and attractive in their way. For keeping the rest of the home neat and organized a utility room offers plenty of advantages. This is an especially good idea in homes built for kids and pets.  

Steve Jobs said his utility rooms were something “he never knew he needed”. This will probably ring true for you as well. Think about it like this. Wouldn’t it be best to have a single room dedicated to shopping bags, laundry baskets, litter trays, pet supplies, and the host of other things you need on hand? After all, there just isn’t any more space in the kitchen.

Are utility rooms expensive?

This can be a tricky question. In all truth the variables that will determine whether a utility room makes a good investment are vast. For example, how much construction is necessary? Will you have to build from the ground up? Is this type of investment favored in your area? — and many other similar questions.  Even the choice of contractor will determine the overall value of your investment.  

As experienced contractors, we like to give our insights on this topic from our wealth of experience. If you will be making this type of improvement or any other similar improvement, it must be done from the perspective of investment. If not, one or two of these improvements can shatter the mightiest financial plan. This means that utility rooms should be built in such a way that value is maximized and costs minimized.  

The good news is that utility rooms are favored in all types of homes and are especially popular with the market today. And this brings us to the next point… 

Do utility rooms offer a good ROI (Return On Investment)

This is another question that will depend on a wide variety of different factors. If you make your decisions without rhyme or reason and spend cash like crazy, your investment will default. By the same measure, a well-planned utility room adds value to your property and can be highly popular with your target market.  

Additional square footage is always popular on the market. But it can’t just be there for its own sake. Every square inch of space must count for something according to online estate agents. A utility room like any other investment is a gamble. But by considering your plan very carefully, there is a good chance to gain a considerable return.  

Planning a utility room

The perfect utility room will strike a perfect balance between being practical and suitable. Here are some of the things to consider:  

Is the utility room designed for laundry, or is it an expansion of the kitchen? 

What are the storage solutions you hope to achieve? 

What appliances will you keep here? 

Will you include a farmhouse sink for washing large items like boots, pets, and things you don’t want in your kitchen or bathroom sink? 

Will you ventilate the room? 

Will you maximize any space you have?  

Is there a source of natural light? What are your lighting plans? 

What flooring is best? Waterproof options are best in a utility room.  

Starting with your plans for using the utility room is always the best course of action. This will allow you to form a picture of the perfect solution before any work begins. This will also allow you to consider what you will need for this project and what costs will allow the process to be economic.  

Generally speaking, adding a utility room is a worthwhile investment. Most buyers are thrilled to see this on property descriptions. Even if it won’t add to your home’s asking price significantly, it can generate considerable interest in your property.

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