Selecting Kitchen Island Lighting

There are many beautiful fixtures to choose from when selecting lighting for your kitchen island (

Selecting kitchen island lighting can be a daunting task.  There are thousands of styles from which to choose.  Whether it’s time for an update or you’re choosing fixtures for a new home, making the right choice is important for style and function.

A spacious kitchen with a sizable island and elegant chandeliers providing ample lighting.
Globe lighting highlights this kitchen island (HGTV)

Is your kitchen island a prep area, a space for casual meals or both?  What is the style of your home?  These are some of the questions you have to ask yourself when selecting lighting for this space.  While task lights are used for countertops, and under cabinet lights look stylish for cabinetry pendant lights are a favorite choice for the kitchen island and can meet all your needs and style decisions.

Getting Creative With Kitchen Island Lighting

Installing pendant light fixtures at varying lengths gives your kitchen drama, as well as an increase in light.  The ideal distance between light fixtures and the top of the island is 30-36″.  Spacing will vary depending on the number of lights you install.  For two pendant lights, the average distance apart should be at least 30″.  If you choose to have three lights, the distance between them should be 26″ and 12″ from the edge of the island.  Of course, this should be customized to fit with the size of your kitchen island.

A white kitchen with a center island and stools, featuring kitchen island lighting.
Pendant light clusters are a beautiful addition to this kitchen island (

Mixing pendant styles of the same materials is a way to add drama while keeping the look uniform.

A kitchen with a wooden island and lighting.
Pendant lights at varying heights add interest to the kitchen island (

Setting the Tone With Style

Choosing the style of light for your kitchen island can be based on your room’s design.  Is your kitchen modern or more traditional?  Do you want to keep the style similar or do you want to create a dramatic contrast?  Highly modern styles can be quite the feature.

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A modern office with a large island, bar stools, and kitchen island lighting.
Select kitchen island lighting that speaks to your interior style (Pinterest)

There are numerous pendant light styles that fit within traditional or contemporary spaces.  If you find yourself drawn to a particular style of lighting fixture, explore different versions to find the right one for your kitchen.

A kitchen with a large island and stools featuring stylish lighting.
A wide selection of kitchen island lighting is available on the market (

The cage style of pendant light comes in simple modern alternatives as well as rustic, industrial and traditional.

A white kitchen with black stools and wooden floors featuring kitchen island and lighting.
For a minimalist style, keep the fixtures simple (

Simple wood frames with candle bulbs add a touch of classic style to this kitchen.

A kitchen with a large island and ample lighting.
Classic kitchen island lighting never goes out of style (HGTV)

Gold dome lights contrast nicely with this modern white kitchen space.  Notice the equal spacing of each light.

A modern kitchen with marble counter tops and kitchen island lighting.

Candle style pendant lights are a great match for more traditional spaces and are classically stylish.

A kitchen with a center island and bar stools featuring stylish lighting.
Classic traditional pendant lights add style to this kitchen (

Put the “Fun” in Function With Your Kitchen Island Lighting

Yes, kitchen island lighting must be functional, but you can put the “fun” in functional with some great style choices.  Industrial style lighting is a current trend and can be mixed with a variety of interiors from modern to traditional.  This is a fun choice that will make your kitchen island the talk of the house.

A kitchen with white cabinets, granite counter tops, and kitchen island lighting.
Modern industrial design gets center attention at this kitchen island (HGTV)
A white kitchen with a large center island and lighting.
Various lighting shapes add interest to the kitchen (

A Touch of Glamour

Add some sparkle to your kitchen with elegant pendant lights with crystals and decorative shades.  There is no rule that this type of lighting has to be relegated to just the dining room.

A kitchen with a center island.
Add some sparkle to the kitchen with pretty kitchen island lighting (
A kitchen with a large island and lighting.
A some romance to the kitchen with crystals (HGTV)

Play With Color

Play with color in your selection of kitchen island lighting.  Choose beautiful colorful glass pendant lights.  The pattern and color options in this style add a unique character overhead.  In addition, the colored glass creates a softer light.  These work nicely along with recessed ceiling lights.

A kitchen with a center island and stools, featuring optimal lighting.
Pendant lights with colorful glass shades are always a welcome sight in the kitchen (
A kitchen with a center island illuminated by lighting.
A touch of color from pendant lights (
A kitchen with a wooden counter top and kitchen island lighting.
Pretty glass shades over the kitchen island (

Metals of Kitchen Island Lighting

Beautifully detailed metal pendant lights in iron, copper and brass add their own character to a kitchen island.  They can be rustic or elegant.

Open Kitchen Designs
A kitchen with a center island and bar stools featuring stylish lighting.
Simple iron pendant lights add charm (

These iron orb pendant lights offer just the right touch of rustic style and their size is in proportion to the kitchen.

A kitchen with a large island and brilliant lighting.
Orb lights are an enduring style choice (

Copper makes a great addition to any kitchen and these classic pendant lights accent this island beautifully.

A kitchen with pendant lights hanging over the island.
Copper pendant lights (

Brass lantern pendant lights top off this kitchen in traditional style.

A kitchen with black cabinets and marble counter tops, featuring kitchen island lighting.
A uniform lighting style for the kitchen (

There are a dizzying amount of lighting options for kitchen islands.  Before you step into the fray, arm yourself with ideas of style and function.  Once you make the choice, your kitchen island will benefit from the beauty and added functionality of lighting.


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