3 Ways to Spice Up Your Kitchen

A white kitchen with marble counter tops and stainless steel appliances.

If you happen to be the head chef of the house, then your kitchen is your play area. You likely spend several hours a week mixing ingredients and browsing cookbooks for new and exciting recipes for the whole family to enjoy, but all those hours spent in the same area can get a little, well, boring. It’s time to spice your kitchen up a notch, and we’ve got some simple ways you can do so. 

Fix the Lighting

Lighting can make or break your overall kitchen aesthetic, which is why perfecting it is so important. Who wants to prepare dinner in a dark dungeon with only a single fluorescent light to work with? Nobody, that’s who! Instead of chopping onions and measuring ingredients by candlelight, it might serve you well to fix the lighting in your kitchen. While warm lights are often used for living rooms and studies, having bright lights that illuminate your entire kitchen is most often the best type to have. If there is any way to incorporate natural light into your kitchen, you should consider that as well. There are plenty of different types of light fixtures to choose from, but it all comes down to your personal taste. As long as you can see and are happy with your lighting, you’re all set.

Do Some Remodeling

If your old kitchen just isn’t doing it for you, it’s time for a little remodeling. By contacting a company like Cabinet IQ, you can have your cabinets and countertops replaced with something shiny and new. This is particularly helpful for old kitchens that have looked the same for decades. Replace old, nicked cabinets with a more modern aesthetic, create a fancy new backsplash to the wall, add granite countertops and a kitchen island, or wherever else you might want. It’s also worth replacing the flooring and kitchen appliances for ones that are more updated. Forget the old fridge and oven and install shiny stainless steel instead!

Four small tweaks to make your kitchen look more modern

Add a Bit of Greenery

A little bit of greenery can really liven up a room, and that’s no exception when it comes to your kitchen. You don’t need anything extravagant or unique, as even a simple succulent is enough to add a splash of color and life to your kitchen. These can be potted or even hanging from above! It’s important to choose a plant that you not only enjoy but also one that is easy to maintain and you know won’t die or wilt easily, unless, of course, you don’t mind replacing them often, in which case go nuts!

A Kitchen You’re Proud of

Implementing all these details into your kitchen will help create a space that you’re not only proud to show off, but one that is comforting to cook in. Whether you’re picking out plants to decorate with or adding a new backsplash to your wall, you’ll have a kitchen that is worthy of only the finest chefs.

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