Beautiful and Private Home Libraries

A private room with beautiful bookshelves and a desk.

Home libraries aren’t only a feature of luxury homes with rooms to space. With so much advancement in technology, more of us are relying on reading at home as a private escape from busy lifestyles. From entire floors to single shelves, you can turn any space into your own private reading area.

A beautiful library with bookshelves and a person on a ladder.
Time, effort, and organisation is required for a project this large, but the pay-off is extremely worth it (

A purpose built library that takes up an entire level is any book lovers dream, but can be a bit excessive for even the most passionate of us. Use attic spaces or mezzanine balconies to create your own library space.

A private room with beautiful bookshelves and a desk.
The beauty of personal libraries is that you can index and display in a way that suits you and nobody else (

Surround your workspace with inspiration by building a bookshelf that surrounds your home office working space. Have all the references and written motivation you’ll ever need at hand.

Private Home Library with Bookshelves
Comfort is crucial if you want to lose hours in your perfect home library (

Open up your home library to plenty of natural light, ensuring that you can continue reading into the later hours.

A private living room with a beautiful fireplace and bookshelves.
Combine your living room with a reading room for the ultimate relaxation space (

Building bookshelves into living room alcoves should give you ample storage space to create a mini library in your living room, but won’t take up much floor space either. Bonus!

A beautiful room with bookshelves under the stairs.
A plain white background is a perfect blank canvas for your children’s imaginations to run wild (

Simple DIY and some creative thinking can create wonderful and unique spaces for reading in all corners of the home.

A private bedroom with many beautiful bookshelves and a cozy bed.
No extra space for a library? Use your bedroom instead! (

Mismatched bookshelves overflowing with much loved pages are the perfect partner for a cosy and well-lit bedroom.

A beautiful window seat in a private room surrounded by bookshelves.
Simple to build, but you’ll reap the benefits for years to come (

A bay window in a bedroom makes the perfect reading ‘snug’ with space for shelves and a comfortable seat for reading and reclining.


A beautiful living room featuring a large couch and bookshelves.
Home offices aren’t only for traditionally decorated homes (

This dedicated reading room has modern style at the forefront of its design, but it doesn’t sacrifice comfort or shelf space, two key ingredients for the perfect home office.

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