Top 4 Furniture Design Trends of 2022

A trendy living room with white and gray furniture design.

The furniture you choose to add to your space sets the tone for the room. From the size to design and color, your furniture significantly impacts your room’s aesthetic and functionality.

Whether you’re planning on redecorating your home or switching up a few pieces of furniture to add a modern touch, it can be valuable to learn about the furniture design trends many homeowners have embraced this year.

Multifunctional Furniture

If you’re looking for a way to maximize your space, multifunctional furniture might be the answer. Look into the Transformer Table product line that has been developed to be rearrangeable and customizable, allowing you to use your space as you please.

Multifunctional tables and couches combine design, versatility, and innovation to create trendy furniture that makes your life simpler. When you need to host a party, you can adjust the table panels or couch seating arrangements to accommodate your guest list. If you want to save space other times of the month, you can easily adjust your furniture and make it smaller.

One of the most incredible benefits of these modular sets is that you don’t have to compromise style, as the designs are simple, elegant, and available in a range of colors to fit the unique needs of every family.

A woman assembling a wooden coffee table in a living room.

Dedicated Home Office

The pandemic has altered the traditional work setting, allowing more people to work from the comfort of their homes. This major shift required many people to create a dedicated workspace at home. If a home office has become a part of your living space, it might be helpful for you to create a comfortable environment while keeping up with interior design trends. According to research, employees who are more satisfied with the physical environment are more likely to produce better work outcomes. So, there is a high value in transforming your workspace to improve your work quality.

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A perfect home office requires more than just a simple table and a basic chair. Since you’re likely to spend more time in the workspace, you can opt for a convertible table, a comfortable chair with back support, and storage space. The key to ensuring that your workspace motivates you is to create a similar vibe that you had in your office. This may include hanging photos on the wall or placing plants on the table.

Sustainable Furniture

As more people learn the value of protecting the environment, there has been rising interest in sustainable furniture. This could include opting for furniture that uses materials like solid wood, rattan, jute, bamboo, and cane instead of synthetic or manufactured materials.

Another way people may illustrate their commitment to sustainability is by repurposing old furniture or purchasing responsibly sourced items.

A living room with a trendy wicker furniture set.

Round-Edged Furniture

You might have noticed many curves in the furniture to provide a comfortable and calm environment. Curved furniture is inspired by nature as it is easy to navigate through a room and is aesthetically pleasing. Research has found that humans prefer curved visual objects, and the shape of an object dramatically influences how a person responds to the item.

Many manufacturers and designers have been replacing static and straight lines with soft lines, curves, and arcs into their pieces to meet the growing interest in curved furniture.

Consider the trends mentioned in this article if you’re thinking about sprucing up your home with new furniture. Adding an exciting touch to your home is simpler when you know which designs are trending!

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