The 10 best products to transform your vintage furniture

A set of paint brushes and a yellow cloth used to transform vintage furniture.

For 4 years, I have transformed furniture ! Nearly 250 transformations to give you an idea. And products? I turned to all kinds of finishing products and my choices were sometimes guided by trial and error.

However, thanks to this experience, I can present to you my 10 favorite products to transform a piece of furniture. Why are they my favorites? Either because they are biodegradable or non-toxic, or because they generate an extra result without asking too many steps.

1. PTS (trisodium phosphate powder)

A bottle of tsrs cleaner for transforming vintage furniture on a white background.

We know this degreaser powerful cleaner especially by its acronym, TSP. It is essential to the tasks of revaluation, since it removes on the vintage furniture all traces of his old life. It cleans the build-up of nicotine, the film left by cleaning products and dirt on the handles left by our hands. Thanks to the TSP, no worries about the durability of your finish . Moreover, this product is now available biodegradable.

2. The primer

A can of Kilz Original, ideal for transforming vintage furniture, on a white background.

When preparing to paint a piece of furniture, most of the time, a primer must be applied to ensure adhesion. I use this product very little because it is not in my values ​​of transformation, but when it is necessary, it is necessary! I’ve done a lot of primer products and the one that has the best value is the Kilz brand aerosol. Use this product in a well-ventilated area and wear a mask because the primer is oil-based: it smells strong and it’s volatile!

3. Good brushes

A vintage paint brush with a black handle perfectly suited for transforming furniture.

Your tools are important in the search for an impeccable finish: invest in quality brushes! Personally, I find nothing more tan than a brush that loses its hair on a freshly painted surface. I love the bevel brushes company NOUR. They are light and have fine nylon bristles, leaving a nice finish. For larger projects, it is best to use round brushes, as these can hold a large amount of paint to cover large and beautiful smooth surfaces. It goes faster! 😉

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4. chalky paint with a matte finish

A stack of vintage paint jars

I worked with several types of painting when I started to transform the look of old furniture. Initially, it was a hobby, but when I first discovered the Chalk Paint ™  in 2012, created 25 years ago by Annie Sloan, I really got into the business of revamping vintage furniture. This painting is of exceptional quality. It is made of water, it is non-toxic and it offers a high coverage capacity. It is odorless and the most magical with this paint is that you do not need to sandblast or prime the surface of the furniture to achieve durability.

5. Spray paint

A display of transform paint cans in a vintage store.

Although it is not environmentally friendly to use aerosol paint, we must admit that the rendering of the finish is beautiful, especially for small furniture, frames or work small details. I only work with Liquitex brand spray paint. This painting is water-based and does not feel strong at all. The proposed colors are beautiful; you will find a wide choice at HACHEM .

6. Shellac

A tin of transform vintage furniture gome laque.

This anti-stain product is what is often called shellac. Indeed, it is possible that with the paint, a chemical reaction with the old varnish underneath creates spots that cross the finishing layer. Do not panic! It is for this reason that I keep on the shelves of my Zinsser shellac workshop to cover yellow and brown stains. After the application of shellac, the process of safe revaluation can be continued. Psst! : Use an old paintbrush because shellac is not cleanable!


7. The green masking tape

A woman transforming a vintage dresser with green paint.

Commonly called the FrogTape ™ , the green adhesive tape is fantastic because it does not spoil our work. The deco trend is geometric shapes: the green adhesive tape is so great to create ourselves chevrons and straight lines, which can then be painted in another color. This is a great way to create unique furniture, which will make all the decor of the room!

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8. The sand paper

A yellow piece of paper transformed on a white background.

Sandblasting paper is a “lifesaving” product . I use this one to remove imperfections on dry painted surfaces. A grade of 400, slightly abrasive and non-destructive, is excellent for achieving a smooth, flawless finish.


9. The protective layer: the wax

Two tins of soft wax for transforming vintage furniture on a white background.

I mentioned at the beginning that I liked products that required the fewest possible steps. Well, Annie Sloan’s wax is the one that has proven itself in terms of durability, non-toxicity and ease of application. This wax is not made from beeswax, like most other similar products, but from carnauba . This is an ingredient found in mascaras! The beauty of this wax is that it fuses with the paint and hardens like a liquid varnish. So you do not have to reapply wax every year.


10. The waxes to brown

Four jars of gold, silver and copper paint to transform vintage furniture.

These little pots of wax are to adopt style! With them, you can transform and refurbish the old handles and paintings of the upgraded furniture. They are available in all shades of gold and silver. They are easy to apply and it does not take much to achieve a superb result. They consist of the final touch of a beautiful transformation!

Now all you have to do is start building your furniture. What color will you give him?

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