10 inspiring ways to decorate with photo frames

A photo collage of jewelry hung on a wall to decorate with frames.

A good solution to decorate your home without emptying your wallet: frames and photos . They are inexpensive, personalize our interior and form a trendy decorative accent. We move away from the classic frame with photos deposited randomly on the bedside table and we turn to more original results.

We take inspiration and we make tests to create a decorative touch that is in our image. To guide you in your research, here are 10 inspiring ways to decorate with photo frames !

1. Instagram way wall

A wall decorated with photo frames.

For those who wish to exhibit both their holiday memories, bits of their lives and their kitty or kitty, this idea is for you! An assembly of several small photo frames on a wall giving an Instagram look.

 2. Theatrical headboard

A black and white bedroom with a chandelier decorated with photo frames.

To emphasize both the wall of your bedroom and create a headboard, use a blackboard frame. This decorative touch will make the wall where it will be affixed the star of the room, giving it a lot of character! You could just as easily hang an empty frame on a wall, then paint the interior with chalkboard paint.

3. Amount of frames

A white living room decorated with black and white photo frames.

Place a pile of frames on a chair rail  or a console to perfectly complement your decor. To avoid the pizza effect, be sure to use a maximum of 2 to 3 colors to get a consistent result and unify the style of your frames.

4. Recycling utensils

A decorated collection of pictures of forks and spoons in a framed display.

Do you like to recycle and mimic the Pottery Barn style ? Here is an idea of ​​decoration for your kitchen which will make you talk. Beautiful frames and old utensils will be useful to set up this original decor. We paint everything, we add jute in the bottom of the frame, we stick the utensil … And voila! Once again, we unify everything using the same color of the paint.

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5. Polaroid Photo Exhibition

Decorate with photo frames.

For the nostalgic of this period of photos sketched on the spot, bring a vintage side to your decor by exposing your Polaroid photos in a frame. We all have an old frame somewhere with broken glass just waiting to be reused. We attach ropes from one side to the other, then we hang our photos with pliers.

6. Shelves frames

Three framed shelves with books on them, decorated with photo frames.

Here is an idea that I find sweet and poetic for a child’s room. Simply glue the bottom edge of the frame to a shelf. They have painted the same hue and fixed to a colored wall, which will bring out the whole skillfully.

7. Board and bulletin board

A hallway with a chalkboard on the wall, decorated with photo frames.

Both useful and decorative, a beautiful wood frame with a magnetic blackboard is always a winner. Perfect when placed in a hallway or in the entrance. Hyper practice when it comes to leaving a small note to the rest of the tribe!

8. Exhibition wall

Decorate a wall with framed pictures.

In addition to photos and frames, hang objects on your walls that you like. The mix of all these items can create a happy marriage, provided again to be limited in the choice of colors.

9. Recycle antique windows

A white bed with white pillows and a white headboard decorated with photo frames.

Why not? Old painted wood window frames can be an amazing decorative element. You could also add a few shots in window tiles to add your personal touch.

10. Jewelry holder

A white frame decorated with jewelry.

Ladies, this idea is for you! To all those who love jewelry and who want to store them in an organized way (and pretty!), Here is the solution that you need! Your collection thus exposed, it is much easier and faster to choose them in the morning.

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Now, I let you out all your old executives in the cellar and wish you a beautiful decor “framed”! 

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