The 3-Minute Guide to a Perfect Craftsman-Style Bathroom

A large Craftsman-style bathroom with a zebra print bench.

If you’ve decided to go Craftsman-style on your bathroom, then it’s natural to want to learn the style in detail.

A Craftsman-style bathroom with a large tub.


The Craftsman’s style combines nature and simplicity with traditional art & craft. It also relies partly on architectural elements to create a beautiful and functional bathing space.

A Craftsman-style bathroom with two sinks and a tub.

A Craftsman-style bathroom is all about traditional old-style craftsmanship. You want to keep it simple without losing the utility factor.

A Craftsman-style bathroom with brown cabinets and a tub.

Here are some standard features;

  • Architectural elements include a low-slung roof, tapered columns, multipanel windows, and uncovered beams 
  • Natural timber moldings and trimming
  • An earth-inspired blend of colors
  • Hand-crafted tiles with colorful finishes
  • Shaker vanities built with natural timber and the standard frame-and-panel build 
  • Simple hardware such as ring pulls or bin pulls paired with a shaker vanity 
  • Surfaces are oil-finished or patinated for finishing (NOT polished)

A Craftsman-style bathroom featuring granite counter tops and a large tub.

You are also more likely to find materials with tarnishing like stone, natural timber, and copper in a craftsman-style bathroom.

A Craftsman-Style bathroom with two sinks and a bathtub.

What A Craftsman’s Bathroom Doesn’t Entail

A Craftsman-style bathroom with two sinks and a glass shower.

Now you have a rough idea of what craftsmanship entails. Nevertheless, learning the DON’Ts of the style can help you avoid design mistakes during your craftsman-style project. 

A spacious craftsman-style bathroom with a glass shower stall.

Here’s what you should avoid;

  • A bright blend of colors
  • Trending designs 
  • Shiny finishing  
  • Round or curvy surfaces
  • Mixing and matching  

A Craftsman-style bathroom with two sinks and a mirror.

In a nutshell, your Craftsman’s bathroom project should be simple, nature-themed, and of course, antique. 

A large Craftsman-style bathroom with brown walls and marble counter tops.

The Right Shades for Your Craftsman bathroom

Your choice of color can make or break your bathroom design, so if you’re after Craftsman then use;

A Craftsman-style bathroom with two sinks and a large mirror.

  • Earth-themed hues including chestnut, stone, bark, and ochre
  • Neutral shades like cream, beige, taupe and parchment
  • Lively greens like moss, sage, spring, and olive
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A Craftsman-style bathroom featuring a clock on the wall.

Which color qualifies as the best theme for your bathroom space? Choose wisely depending on existing designs, the material you choose, and your color preferences. 

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How to Design a Craftsman-Style Bathroom

Pairing the right color and materials, adding proper lighting, and sticking to a simple natural theme is key to a craftsman’s bathroom.

A Craftsman-Style bathroom with a view of the ocean.

 Use the checklist below to build a bathroom that will meet all your design and utility needs;

1. Bring in the outdoor 

Use local and earthy material to bring in the natural feeling to your room. Incorporate natural shades of wood into your bathroom cabinets, mirrors, vanity, or flooring. If stones are the nearest resource to you, use things like granite or slate.

A Craftsman-style bathroom with two sinks and a large tub.

Either way, have color in mind when choosing the material to use. In the end, make sure you manage to bring the outdoor environment into your bathroom.

2. Coloring Your Craftsman 

Again, the palette for your craftsman-style design should further reinforce the earthy theme you’re trying to achieve with natural materials.

A Craftsman-style bathroom with two sinks and a fireplace.

Use vibrant green and deep brown colors. You can also go for yellow, and slate grays, as long nature inspires your theme.  

Any finishing or tiling should be done with earth-inspired materials for a uniform craftsman’s look. 

3. Keep it Old-style and Functional 

You can add functionality to your traditional–looking bathroom by adding steel towel holders and recessing shelves. 

Craftsman-Style Bathroom with a fireplace and tub.

Next, reduce clutter to create space and achieve simplicity or minimalism. Use as little furniture as possible to leave more room. 

The use of in-built shelving, and secluded (or free-standing) toilet and bathroom units can help you achieve space and functionality without compromising on good looks.

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Drawers can also help you lock everything away and keep your craftsman-style bathroom clutter-free.

4. Lighting in Craftsman-style

You can get as creative as possible when lighting a Craftsman’s bathing space. Remember, only with proper lighting can help cheer up the deep shades in the materials used.

A Craftsman-style bathroom with a copper tub and large windows.

Windows is one way to bring in natural light and can be very effective if paired with strategic mirrors. Floor-to-ceiling windows can look pretty on a craftsman’s bathroom as long as you choose a mirror that will allow in light and maintain privacy. 

A space in your roof is another way to let light into your Craftsman-style bathroom if, for some reason, you can’t add a window.

A Craftsman-Style bathroom featuring wooden shelves and a bathtub.

Lastly, add artificial lights to the ceiling to brighten the whole space and any other areas that need proper lighting, such as the sink top. 

Test your craftsmanship!

So how far are you willing to go with your craftsman-style bathroom design? Test your craftsmanship and see what comes out! Follow the above design principles and bring in your creative art and craft to get an outstanding result.

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