Should you opt for pvc or laminate bathroom wall panels?

A modern bathroom with glass shower door and wall panels.

With the ability to be installed over existing tiles, as well as protecting your bathroom walls and shower areas from water ingress, bathroom wall panels or AKA shower wall panels are the perfect choice for your home.

The two most common types from Rearo Laminates include pvc bathroom panels and also laminate wall panels, both of which offer a quick and easy to install tongue and groove system.

However, each panel offers a different material composition and this determines the best end user for the product.

To help you to make an informed decision on which type of bathroom wall décor you should consider when renovating your bathroom space, we will be highlighting the key benefits surrounding both pvc wall cladding panels and bathroom wood panelling.

Wet wall cladding panels, a cost effective option to traditional bathroom tiling

When deciding on transforming the look of your current bathroom to a more modern stylish space, now more than ever, you have several choices to achieve your ideal look. Traditionally the most common way of styling your bathroom was through the use of tiling and grouting. Sure this offered a genuine waterproof solution, but this had its limitations on designs and patterns to suit your style. Add this to the cost of labour, materials and several days to complete and you can start to see why bathroom wall panelling has grown in popularity over the past few years.

Bathroom cladding is the modern alternative to tiles, with no need for grouting, supplied in large sheet format to fill larger wall areas, and applied with some adhesive and silicone you can see the transformation in a matter of hours as opposed to days with tiling.

Beautiful Luxury Bathrooms

Like tiling, pvc shower panels and bathroom wood panelling offer a complete waterproof system with minimal maintenace. Wall cladding is also due to the ease of installation ideal for DIY enthusiasts as well as experienced tradespeople.

A close up view of marble wall panels.

What is a tongue and groove system?

Tongue and groove is the name given to a form of join between two panels, where one side forms a lock and the other operates as a key, voiding the requirement for panel trims between products.

Slotting together easily with the use of colour match silicone sealant, both panels fit together to form a completely inconspicuous join – ideal for long stretches of wall space.

And alternatively, for those looking to use wall panels within their shower area only, square edge options are also available in all laminate décors, avoiding the need to prep before installing in to trims.

A bathroom with wall panels and a soap dispenser.

PVC shower panels explained

Ideal for DIYers and accommodating of modest budgets, PVC panels are a completely waterproof solution for any bathroom space.

Their honeycomb internal structure makes them entirely robust, whilst their dedicated range of matte, gloss and sparkle finishes suit a variety of style preferences.

Most commonly associated with student accommodation, rental premises and first time buyer renovations, they provide the ideal introduction to wet wall surfaces.

Our PVC shower panels at Rearo come with a certified one year guarantee, they provide a cost effective and durable option for your bathroom.

A bathroom with a bathtub, radiator, and wall panels.

Laminate wall panels explained

Alternatively, if you are looking for a more extensive range of design options to choose from, laminate wall panelling offers 3D surface textures and patterns, as well as the aforementioned matte and glass options.

The Best Ways to Improve your Bathroom

Laminate wall panels for your bathroom are premium cladding solution, they are best installed by an experienced tradesperson due to the level of investment associated.

Although laminate itself is water resistant, these wall panels are typically made with either a plywood or MR MDF core, which is susceptible to water damage if not sealed correctly.

These types of wall panels are suited to both commercial and domestic applications. Here at Rearo we specialise in the manufacture of laminate wall panelling and our flagship wall panel brand Selkie board, all come with a certified 10-year guarantee. They can also be tailored to suit class 1 or class 0 fire rating.

A person wearing blue gloves is cleaning a table with wall panels.

Is it easier to clean pvc or laminate tongue and groove panels?

Although entirely different surfaces, both pvc and laminate decorative wall panels are completely non porous in nature.

This means that any soap residue will simply rest on the product surface, preventing the build up of mould for a hygienic and super easy to maintain product.

Simply wipe down your wall panels with just a damp cloth and mild detergent after each use to keep them looking at their best.

A metal table.

What accessories will I require for tongue and groove panelling?

The installation process for tongue and groove panels is both quick and straight forward.

For any installation we would suggest using internal and external panel trims for any corner areas, a panseal kit for a professional finish around shower trays, panel adhesive and also colour match sealant.

A bathroom with white wall panels and ceiling.

Other bathroom finishes

Once you have decided on either pvc or laminate tongue and groove panels, it is also worthwhile considering to resurface the walls and ceilings within your bathroom.

How to Install Bathroom Wall Panels

Our own personal recommendations here at Rearo include our own Ancona pvc ceiling panels and also Clixeal click vinyl flooring which is not only water resistant but also has built-in insulation.

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