Decorating with Blue and White

A living room decorated with blue walls and white furniture.

Cool, crisp, clean, fresh and time-honored is the appeal of blue and white.  Blue and white has long been a popular choice of color scheme for the home and exudes a charm all its own.  It is appropriate for any room in the house and falls right into the current blue trend.

A blue and white living room with stylish furniture.                A room decorated with blue and white stripes.

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The great factor of blue and white is that adding one more color to the mix only enhances the appeal and brings out a whole new freshness to your space.  A bright yellow-green, fuchsia, red or even orange really sets off a blue and white interior.  Set against a blue and white background, pillows, trims on furniture, window dressings and accessories in another vibrant color make a bold and stylish statement.

For the bathroom, install blue tile on the floor or walls and add an assortment of lush towels in solids and patterns.  Use blue and white accessories, such as canisters, to hold personal items.  For interest, add splashes of another color with hand towels and decorative soaps.

A bathroom with blue counter tops and white sinks, perfect for decorating with blue and white.          A kitchen decorated with blue and white featuring a chandelier.

Kitchens open up a world of new possibility.  Install solid blue countertops, paint one wall blue, or incorporate decorative tile at the stove and sink back-splash.  Bring in blue and white ceramic vases and canisters or a collection of blue bottles.  Display blue and white plates on the wall and in cabinets.  Change out cabinet knobs with blue and white porcelain.  Mix in touches of yellow to add variety.

A dining room decorated with blue walls and white furniture.          A living room decorated with blue walls and white furniture.

If you don’t want to go all blue and white, you can add blue and white accessories and find that they blend with almost every décor.  Every room will shine with blue and white.  Bold and beautiful, blue and white is a winning combination in any room of the house.

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