Decorating with bamboo for new and fresh home

A bamboo bed in a bedroom.

The good home owners are always looking for a way to renovate their places. If you’re one of them check out our next few ideas for decorating with bamboo. We promise you fresh results, which the whole family will adore.

Bamboo flooring

Bamboo flooring is maybe the simplest way to incorporate this particular plant in your home interior without making it too obvious. In addition, bamboo flooring is looking fabulous, so there’s no reason to postpone it.

A modern bathroom with bamboo accessories and a shower.

Bamboo shutters/shades

A living room with wicker chairs decorated with bamboo accents.

Bamboo shutters or shades are almost as subtle as the bamboo flooring. They are also nice looking, and they aren’t engaging you to change the style of your whole place.

A sunroom with wicker chairs and bamboo accents.

Bamboo wall

You want a wall separating your kitchen from the living room but you don’t want to invest neither money, nor time? Then the bamboo wall is the perfect solution. You only need a few bamboo sticks, some glue or thick string and you’re ready to go! It will take you no time at all to make yourself a new wall that would be not only practical, but fresh and beautiful in the same time.

A bathroom decorated with bamboo poles and a mirror.

Bamboo headboard    

The construction of such a headboard is almost the same as the one of the bamboo wall. The difference here is that you can experiment with height, shape and even color.

A bamboo bed in a bedroom.

Bamboo lamps

Maybe exactly the lamps are the hardest ones to make. We advise you to hire an expert, or just try finding them in your nearest furniture shop. We can guarantee you that you’ll love the exotic effect of such lighting fixtures, so don’t hesitate but buy one and make yourself happy.

Decorating with Vintage Suitcases

Two bamboo lamps in a room.

Live bamboo plant

Decorating with a live bamboo plant is also a great idea. It still can make your home looking fresh and beautiful and in addition, it doesn’t need any special treatment. The best thing about bamboo plants is the fact that it doesn’t need light to stay alive, so you can keep it even in the bathroom.

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