Needing Some Design Ideas Inspiration? Look No Further

An interior design featuring modern office furniture with green chairs and a lamp.

Writer’s block is real, but so is designer’s block. If you’re struggling to come up with your next design and need a little inspiration to spark something truly magical, the places you may find it might surprise you.

From nature to travel and more, your muse could be waiting for you in unexpected ways.

With the seed of an idea, you can then emulate design ideas from the best and incorporate them into your fresh takes on interior spaces.

Find some new sources of inspiration with the recommendations below and let your creativity flow into your upcoming interior design services.

Surprising Sources of Interior Design Inspiration

Sure, you can find design inspiration on Pinterest and architectural magazines, but there’s so much material around us that may offer you more in an abstract. The next time you feel stuck, go into nature, take a trip, revisit the past, or talk to your loved ones to inspire your architecture or interior design services.


Nature’s design is incredibly intentional and interconnected. One thing benefits from another, and they all work together in harmony to support our world. Take a walk outside and observe the trees, the wind, the colors of the leaves, and the feelings exuded by the weather for a quick burst of inspiration.


Travel is one of the best teachers. Going on a trip expands your worldview, introduces you to new and foreign designs you may not have considered previously, and can inspire some incredible new ideas that may lead you to your next amazing design. The further you travel, the more you’ll see, which will open your eyes to all of the possibilities.

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Even though you’re designing for the modern-day, there’s so much that can be learned and taken from the past through antiques. Antique stores, estate sales, art, and even history books can be a great way to see how design has evolved through the ages and what elements you may be able to inject into your contemporary work.


Your family and loved ones may have design elements in their houses that feel familiar, like home to you. While these designs may not be your own, they likely had an impact on the person you are in ways you may not realize. Ask questions about decor, furniture, and arrangements in your family’s home and get ideas you can run with when it’s time for your next project.

Interior Design Ideas to Emulate

With a burst of inspiration, you should be feeling more creative in your thinking process and hopefully, the ideas are starting to flow. Now, take a few notes from design theory and the experts to curate these ideas and form them into bold and beautiful interior design services.

A modern living room with a yellow rug.

Segmenting Open Spaces

Open spaces can be intimidating, and while having an open floor plan is nice, it can sometimes feel like there’s less to design with fewer rooms. Segmenting these large spaces is a great way to create sub-areas that each serve different purposes. Use a couch, for example, to block off a living room from an entryway or dining room without needing walls.

Use Natural Elements for Warmth

Natural elements, like wood and stone, can add incredible warmth to any space. Find subtle ways to incorporate it, like a wooden-framed mirror or large stone vase, or use it as a central piece in a space, like a live wood dining table or stone fireplace.

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Mix and Match With Style

Don’t be afraid to mix and match different elements to create a layered, interesting space. Sticking to one style can make rooms fall flat, and mixing and matching your favorites together will feel more uniquely you. Old and new, bold and mute, patterned and solid are all contrasting styles you might want to play around with to get started.

Play With Patterns

Patterns bring life to a room, but they can be intimidating if you don’t know how to use them. One idea is sticking with a color palette and layering different patterns within that palette in a room. Another thought is using one or two bold designs in an otherwise neutral room, drawing the eye to one or two fabulous design elements.

Show Personality Through Design

When in doubt, you can always get back to the basics that are your personality and preferences. It doesn’t have to be magazine-cover-worthy to be something you enjoy and find comfort in. If you love yellow, use yellow to brighten your days. If you prefer a mix of gold and silver, go with it and make that a theme. There’s no right or wrong when it comes to design, it’s all about what makes you (or your design client) feel their best and at home.

Before You Go

Design is everywhere around you if you look hard enough. From street style to nature, to travel, and more, you can spark up new ideas and then translate them into beautiful spaces as part of your interior design services by utilizing classic design theories.

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