The classic beauty of vintage kitchens

A vintage kitchen with a clock on the wall.

Don’t you just love vintage kitchens? There’s something so homey and unpretentious about them, that it leaves you no chose but to admire their classic beauty. If you have always dreamed of one of those, but you didn’t know how exactly to achieve such style, check out the next few essentials of the vintage kitchen and find out if it’s unmistakable looks would be attainable for you.

Wooden furniture

If you want a true vintage kitchen then you have to have at least one thing made of wood. Small kitchen table set or a couple of wooden drawers would do the perfect job. The older they look the better. Just keep in mind to look for furniture that possesses style and quality.

A vintage kitchen with a table and chairs and a refrigerator.

Fresh colors

A vintage black and white checkered floor in a kitchen.

For vintage looks you have to stake on bright colors. Classic colors for a vintage kitchen are yellow, blue, green, and of course white. Although you must know that everything has to be in moderation. Even though you are allowed to use color, the tones should be soft and subdued.

A vintage kitchen with green cabinets and a brick wall.

Small details

A vintage kitchen with wooden cabinets and a white sink.

Little details like pictures, posters, clocks, and other that give you a vintage vibe are a good option. Be careful that vintage refers to styles that originated between the 1920’s and 1950’s, so it’s a good idea to make a little research before investing in something that in reality is from a different era.

A vintage stove in a small kitchen.


Another option is to decorate with wallpapers. Try to stick to everything that looks fresh – flowers, fruits, polka dots, light but soft colors.

A vintage kitchen with a sink and a table.

Vintage appliances

A vintage kitchen with a blue refrigerator and a red stove.

The easiest way to achieve a true vintage look is to invest in suitable kitchen appliances. The good news is that today you can find stoves, refrigerators, toasters and many others in vintage style.

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A vintage yellow and blue kitchen with a checkered floor.

Following at least one of our suggestions, you can be sure that you’ll easily achieve the classic beauty of the vintage kitchens.


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